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Monday, 01 September 2008 11:33
Leon Nicaragua in Revolutionary Fervor

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JossJosephMageau - Live from the Internet Cafe next door to the Benjamin Linder Cafe, Leon Nicaragua - Well, after a great cool down at nate yue s place in Jiqulillo I am back in Leon. Unlike my previous stops, Ocotal and Esteli in the North, Leon presents a more educated face to the world as it is a college town. This was one of the places where the students allied themselves with or manipulated all sorts of Leoneses to get rid of the dictator Somoza. Today, August 18, in the zocalo a pavilion is set up with a banner of revolutionary slogans exhorting all to buck up for the revolution. Such a plea is easy to understand, given the surly nature of urban people living in sweltering heat and still aware of their third world status.

One man I know has been working at establishing good relations with both the travellers who come to his place and the Jiquilillo pueblo. This beachfront town is impoverished on a scale that would put any African immediately at ease. Huts made of scavenged materials line the entrance to town, a huge shrimp... camarone... industry dominates the ocean front before the beach area starts. His hospedaje is equiped with all sorts of educational materials for the local kids. These are not for show as we will witness their use this winter. I am going to quote his opinion on the changes afforded by the return of Daniel and the FSLN.

According to him, a good thing that has been instituted since the FSLN returned to power is a series of town hall initiatives... a more local grassroots approach at moblizing the pueblos through community discussions that ultimately lead to the identification of ways to help themselves. According to him... who after seven years in Nicaragua with NGOs and his own hospedaje... this is a vast improvement on Bolanos and el Gordo Aleman. As these were crooks for the most part this is an understatement.

Now a really idiotic FSLN move is the rapprochement with Iran since their anti-American stance is motivated by simple power mongering in the Middle East, the USA has nothing to reproach itself for when it comes to the treatment of the Iranians.

Nicaragua is on the mend, this area is scenic, our tourist dollars are helping, volunteers with well thought out projects are more than welcome at Jiquilillo and beyond.
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