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Wednesday, 06 August 2008 14:27
Hondurans Are Cool

PEJ News - Joce Mageau -
People, there is wisdom in liking peace over war and Honduras, though somewhat right wing, is actually full of progressive types who just want a chance to live better lives. Let's drop the political stance in favor of humanist assistance.
In Gracias Honduras at a good internet site after being in Perquin El salvador, a Fmln stronghold now and during the war.
I was not disappointed with the quality of human being in Perquin and was emotionally overwhelmed by el museo de la revolucion with its photos of american military advisors, isreali mercenaries, captured american weapons, the remains of a downed american plane, and the photos of los desapericidos.

The town remains savage poor with no safe water, overpopulation, and ffilthy due to no money for garbage collection.

Gains were made due to the war, the latino has put down his and her weapons and sees the ballot box as the answer.

Gustavo works the small library, new teachers assist the kids, as a result their eyes have that
light that shines once a person can put some sort of cohesive order into one's world.

But the scars are everywhere, people are wary, and old memories can overwhelm people in the night.

Now, in contrast, Honduras is mellow. Sure people queue up to worship in fundementalist chapels but when you are poor you HAVE to believe in order to get the strength to go on.

The ones i like the best are the types at the catholic church in san Juan Intibuca. Lencas, campesino(a)s, children squealing in the back, rug rats testing their new found legs in wide eyed wonder down the cracked tile floors. The padre introducing newlyweds with the intent of upping the bridal gifts for the new couple. The rhythyms used by the guitarist and the bass player who incidentally translate the Sounds of Silence, Blowing in the Wind, and an odd Guthrie like sounding song into church hymns that all clap along to.

I like the Sunday vibe, the friends who look at me with nothing but peace, the challenges are a bit overboard but ...la cancha..the field where they compete on come Monday is much tougher than ours in Canada. For example this Monday morning I saw the surplus of road workers waiting for the selection process to start. Tough to organize when you have that level of unemployment.

Now you will get another report from COPINH, a Lenca Campesino(a) org based in La Esperanza. As they have a school I am volunteering there. Nicaragua can wait, old war heroes are cool but I prefer people who peacefully march in Tegus and Sula to get the Yanquis to get rid of the Contras. And this the Honduraneans did. And yes, Yanqui, Brit bankers, Swiss blackmailers, and Isreali mercenaries did bottle up and go.


Joce Mageau
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