Back on the Road, Live in Xela Guatemala Print
Sunday, 27 July 2008 09:33
Back on the Road, Live in Xela Guatemala

PEJ News -
Well, well, hello to all you lucky folks, all you right friggin on activists on the web. I am also on Indymedia but have chosen a site from sweet Victoria to report back to far more often. I am the little well built dude with John Lennon glasses who goes from house to house on a mountain bike cleaning windows. My appearances in public are thus, incredible. I ride that pony all the time, rain or shine. My work other than that has always been evening shift. This last year was one were I stayed in town all the sweet winter. Now I have enough to stay in Nicaragua for 9 months.

Overpopulation... 23 different Indian languages.. 2 ethnic types, Ladino and Indio, a failing agricultural base, a resource sector completely foreign owned..those who remember the Golden Piggies from a few years back going to Glamis Gold and the Vancouver demonstation at the shareholders meeting, know what I am writing about. Those who take the UVic Latin American studies course know that as well.
So, my blog is going to be like this...a first hand report of some of the GOOD, some of the BAD, and some of the UGLY. My ultimate destination is of course, Nicaragua. From there I will report on a community project in a beach town in the North Pacific. I cannot report much on Guatemala as it is far too right wing and conservative to bother with. Nicaragua is far more left wing and progressive. I believe that Joan Russow can vouch for that far more than I can.

Unfortunately Guatemala is a basket case.. you may ask why.. I will answer.

So compays from Vancouver and from the beautiful Vancouver Island, compays from the Okanagan and the Kootenays, compays from Washington and Oregon, stay tuned.. the road as Tolkein wrote goes ever on. And as Dylan wrote.. if I die on top of that hill, I know my baby will go on. Hmmmm.....

Hasta la Victoria siempre, companeros y..claro que si..companeras.
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