Bombs In London and The Rove Connection Print
Thursday, 07 July 2005 03:10
Now here is an interesting theory.   Bombs go off in London that are executed with supreme efficeincy.  No one claims responsibility.  Karl Rove is being investigated by the grand jury for allegedly being the person who gave the green light to out Valery Plame as an undercover CIA agent.   She was opperating an anti terrorism group investigating WMDs and terrorism world wide. 
If Rove is the guilty party he could face treason charges.  Conviction could bring down the US presidency and all arround him.  It is imperative that something happen that will cause people to look the other way while the fix is implemented.   It is also imperative that something be done about the low polls that are nipping at the heels of the British and American leaders.

Booooom!  Well that aught to do the trick?  Eh!

-- Dragonslayer
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