Green strategies at a Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels. Print
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Monday, 10 March 2008 09:08

Green strategies at a Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels.

PEJ News - In general, the easiest way to achieve a green economy is to regulate the production or importing of fossil fuels.  It is simple to measure and define limits.   Subsidies should be removed from fossil fuels production and transferred to green fuel production.   This will drive Canada to a booming green economy and bring our GHG emissions far below existing targets.

The Federal government has an environmental veto over the extraction of provincial resources.   This should be used to cap the development and extraction of oil, gas and coal, especially in Alberta.   In addition, the Federal government can restrict exports of energy under NAFTA on the grounds that we require the resources for our own present and future needs..

On a provincial level in BC the greening has always been blocked by an inpenetrable fossil fuel wall.   It is clear by the smile and glow on your face when delivering the Budget that being able to deliver a green budget is something you truly support.   Since the recent BC Budget there now appears a tiny green door in the wall.   This is a start and may prod the Feds to play catch-up.    We are not a major fossil fuel producer and we should keep it that way.  "In our modern global economy, it is the richest corporations

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