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Sunday, 02 December 2007 14:43
Gary Lunn - The Gift That Keeps On Giving for Generations - This Christmas Season Bells Should Be Ringing; Alarm Bells That Is 

PEJ NEws - Shun Lunn - This Christmas Gary Lunn and Stephen Harper finally bit the bullet and decided to give Canadians the gift that keeps on giving. During the media frenzy over that modern day Grinch Karlheinz Schreiber, our fearless leaders quietly announced our capitulation to yet another American partnership.

Apparently our Minister of Natural Resources Gary Lunn found the Nuclear Industry under this year's mistletoe and gave 'em a nice big wet one right on the lips. Now we are newly minted members of the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP). Add this to our Secret Santa style involvement in the Security and Prosperity Partnership and the inter-provincial partnership TILMA, and we begin to clearly see the death of Canada by a thousand "partnerships."
The GNEP is no partnership as you and I understand it. No Joseph and Mary style marriage made in heaven, nor is it even a strategic economic move by shrewd business oriented politicians. No, this is simply us signing onto another American misadventure, but this time the stakes range from the billions of dollars spent on the Ghost of Xmas Past the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL), to harbouring the worlds lethal nuclear waste for the Ghost of Xmas Future.

It seems the Ghost of Xmas Past recently visited Honourable Lunn and must have explained that the billions of taxpayers' dollars invested in our country's nuclear industry are no longer relevant. Lunn is now convinced the taxpayers will just simply ignore the privitization of this gargantuan investment, while he wraps up a bargain with a nice bow and delivers it to the corprateers just in time for Xmas. Thank you Gary Claus.

Unfortunately, this gift will not fully divulge the real and very serious clause, that the only possible return on this multi-billion dollar investment Canadians will realize, is the World's spent and lethal nuclear waste. The kind George W. wants it in his backyard for future use, when his sources of depleted uranium get low and there is more nuclear bunker-busting required for unending wars of aggression, in the pursuit of oil.

Then, of course, the Ghost of Xmas Future must have visited Honorable Gary and foreshadowed the visions of sugar plums dancing in children's heads, while ignoring the real effect of storing hazardous nuclear materials, which could leave our children disfigured and mutated.

That leaves the Ghost of Xmas Present. The one that asks Lunn, Harper and all of us, "What about your children, and their children, and their children's children? Don't they deserve a future free from the destruction of nuclear fall-out and the fear of lethal nuclear waste?"

For more details on the GNEP and what you can do about it, Google "Shun Lunn - Nuclear Debate."

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