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Tuesday, 11 September 2007 01:15
Press Release: Presentation of the 2007 FSC Winds of Change Award 

- TORONTO, Sept. 10 /CNW/ - The Board of Directors of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Canada announces the selection of Tembec Inc., as the recipient of the 2007 FSC Winds of Change Award. The award recognizes exceptional contributions to safeguarding the future of our forests and all who depend upon them. "On behalf of the McGuinty government I applaud the whole Tembec team for its efforts to protect our environment and fight climate change," said Environment Minister Laurel Broten, who will present the award to Mr. James Lopez, President and C.E.O. "Thank you for your leadership and congratulations on this well-deserved honour."
 The ceremony will take place on the evening of September 28th, 2007 at
8 p.m. at a fund raising gala to be attended by private and public sector
dignitaries, and officials of First Nations, labour and environmental

    In 2001, Tembec Inc. became the first large-scale forestry company in
Canada to seek third-party certification of all their forest management and
forestry operations in accordance with FSC Canada's exacting forest management
standards. FSC standards have been publicly endorsed by the National
Aboriginal Forestry Association, WWF-Canada, Greenpeace, Canadian Parks and
Wilderness Society, The Sierra Club of Canada and ForestEthics, among many
others. To date, Tembec has certified over 90% of their forestlands to FSC's
standards and played a pivotal role in the transformation of the market for
FSC-certified wood products.

    "I am very proud to receive the FSC Winds of Change Award on behalf of
the employees of Tembec," said James Lopez, Tembec's President and Chief
Executive Officer. "With 8.8 million hectares of FSC-certified forestland
under its management and an extensive range of FSC-certified products in the
marketplace, Tembec is the largest producer of FSC-certified products in the
world. This prestigious award recognizes our ongoing commitment to our FSC
partnership and the leadership role that Tembec has taken in responsible
forest management."

    "In conferring the FSC Winds of Change Award, the Board of Directors of
FSC Canada is recognizing that Tembec was first out of the gate among
large-scale forest managers and in so doing has made an exceptional
contribution that is changing the face of forestry and the wood fibre-based
industry in North America," said Mr. Antony Marcil, President and C.E.O of FSC

    The Board of Directors of FSC Canada also wishes to announce that it has
decided to grant an individual award to Mr. Jeff Amos that will be conferred
at the same ceremony. Mr. Amos, in addition to being an FSC-certified small
forest owner and a producer and seller of fine FSC-certified wood products, is
a professional nature photographer. He made an exceptional volunteer
contribution to the future of forestry in the Maritimes in fulfilling the
arduous task of chairing the multi-stakeholder FSC Working Group that carried
out initial revisions to the FSC Maritimes Standard, followed by a
comprehensive five-year review. "Jeff's patience, persistence and good humour
in maintaining dialogue and building bridges was absolutely crucial to the
success of the revisions process," said Martin von Mirbach, Vice-President of
FSC Canada. "The resulting Revised Maritimes Standard represents a genuine
breakthrough, and defines good forestry in the region in a way that is
inclusive of diverse interests and reflects the full range forestry activity
in the region."

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit
organization founded in 1993 to promote environmentally appropriate, socially
beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests. It
supports the development of national and regional standards to evaluate
whether a forest is being well-managed. FSC's membership consists of a diverse
group of representatives from environmental and social organizations, forest
and derivative industries, Indigenous People's organizations, community
forestry groups and certification bodies from around the world.

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