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Wednesday, 04 April 2007 05:16
Global Warming vs Economic Growth and Free Trade

PEJ News - Economists shudder when they hear about limiting growth.   Well here we are with Global Warming smack in our faces.  We are told that we need to get our food locally and stop shipping stuff all over the world.   The question now must be asked.    Does economic growth trump Global Warming or does Global Warming trump Economic growth?   Is there really any choice?
We use fossil fuels to create inland irrigation and maintain fish farms.   The fish farms are to produce meal for animal use and to ship expensive "white table cloth" fish to the rest of the world.   Eighty percent of the fish farm product is exported.  Our fisheries are a mere shadow of itself and commercial fishing, where it is "every man for himself" will soon cause extinction of the fisheries.  

Contamination of the wild stocks by fish farms is further adding to the problem.  It used to be that Fishing licences were for a specific area of a river.  In that scenario fishermen looked after the fishery and made sure it wasn't over fished. 

Native chiefs used to be responsible for the sustainable harvesting of fish.   Since the liberals opened it up for any number of fishermen to fish wherever they wanted the sustainable approach has been destroyed.  The fishing industry uses 50 billion liters of fuel/yr.

Offshore aquaculture is expensive.  Governments are now beginning to zone the continental shelf for privatization and investment.    Four ,of five fish farms here are owned by foreign interests.  We should return the fish industry back to the way it was when it supplied only local demand.  We will all need to live on food that can be grown locally and forget about unlimited growth to supply the rest of the world.  To compensate the economic loss we need to produce more at home instead of importing......down with NAFTA.

It is one thing to throw money at expensive research that won't be realized till it is way to late.  It is another to cap our emissions and reduce the fossil fuel use to a minimum.   There a multitude of things that can be done to reduce greenhouse gas other than throwing money at the problem.

--Fishery info from lecture at Camosun College by John Volpe called "Fished to Death - An Examination of the Collapse of Global Fisheries, and How We Can Save Them"
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