Confined livestock management help young farmers to plant trees for fodders and to make an income in Cameroon Print
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Written by Joan Russow
Sunday, 06 December 2015 04:41

By AARON KAAH,for IPS. reporting in Cameroon  .


The scarcity of grazing land and the rampant farmer grazer conflicts

in most communities has led to confined livestock management in barns,

fences and stables across Cameroon. In the semi urban peripheries of

most towns where the prices of dairy products like fresh milk, yogurt

and butter are sky rocking every day; most young farmers have taken up

zero grazing livestock management to get food and to make income.

At the santa sub division in the NW region of Cameroon these young

farmers who are now working in self help groups are plantingleucaena

trees, elephant grass and lucerna trees as fodder for animal and fuel

wood production. Mr.  Tamasang Alias was one of the pioneer farmers to

get in to zero grazing at this community. He has planted two acres of

elephant grass and the leucaena trees to use the grass and leaves as

fodder for his animals. To day we are visiting him………sir why did you

choose to rear animals in confinement

2 how do you get feed for these cattle

3how satisfied are you in this initiative.

Mmeatanagavictorine is a new farmer in zero gracing in this community.

She was lured in to this business by the gains she saw farmers like

Alias making .Mme. you are at work in your farm and we will like to

know from you why you got in to zero grazing

2what have you done to secured feed for these animals

3 Are they any gains in this project?

 Mr. Bassam Emmanuel is a professional vet working for a livestock

charity in yaounde Cameroon. We are glad to meet you sir we want to

know from you the advantages of feeding animals in confinement with

fodder like tree leaves and grass

2can grass and tree planting for forage be a good option for those who

are integrated livestock management.

3 etc.


Livestock management is an essential component of farming through out

Africa. Animals provide farmers with cheap labor, transport,

fertilizer and food. These animals are also a very huge investment for

these farmers and in zero grazing livestock management systems tree

and grass planting for animal forage fencing of barns and fuel wood

production can really help these farmers to source for income and to

restored degraded land and forest.


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