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Thursday, 16 June 2005 17:00
Bush Incites Terrorism

The mouthy Bush Administration propagandist Rush Limbaugh is spewing out his usual lies and misinformation.  The latest is to say that anyone who supports the Democrats is inviting a terrorist attack.   These days that comes across more as as a Bush administration threat against the American voters.  Limbaugh even went so far as to publicly broadcast a right wing hit list over the air which I guess would make him guilty of maybe attempted murder? 

The Airamericaradio.com talk show host Mike Malloy has been ranting about what he has coined as "the Bush crime family" ever since Bush was first elected.  Mike is an over the top host who is usually far ahead of his time.   What he has been saying for years now is beginning to get picked up by many as having a "ring of truth". 

Contrary to Mr Limbaugh's twisted rhetoric, the Bush response to a terrorist attack on 911 has created more terrorists than any other administration in American history and in the shortest time frame......and that is only the external terrorism.  There is also the state terrorism being inflicted on the American middle and poor classes by the Whitehous machine.   They have set up there own government in the Whitehouse to the near exclusion of the goverment.   Many including Republicans are fighting back as Congress and the Senate find themselves being slowly cut out of decisions.

All this has really been about the greed for the worlds energy and resources.   The word in the CIA and is now public shows that the administration had been fixing the facts around the administration policy and that Bush had engaged in war with Iraq long before the the official invasion.  The phrase being passed around the CIA and Whitehouse was "How did our oil ever get under Iraqui soil". 

America was lied to by the President of the US.   I know it is considered to be a no no to say polititions lie, so lets just say they play fast and loose with the truth while attacking the real messengers of truth.   There, doesn't that sound better?  

While all this terrorist creation has been going on, the Bush regime has also been continuously terrorizing the American people in every way it can think of from the Patriot Act to Health Care to Social security to destroying the constitution to outlawing democrats from using meeting rooms to replacing Judges with right wing fanatics and criminals who don't even have a law degree.   The list is endless.   All this to create chaos and focus attention away from themselves  

You are with them or against them.   This means that if you believe in freedom and justice for all then you are against them.    If you believe in power, fear and hatred then you are with them.  If you think you can hide you are with them but one day they will come for you.

Much to do has been made of the friction between the CIA, FBI and other secret agencies about who is running the show.   There may be internal friction as various powers fight for control but you may want to keep the following in mind:  

The standard modus operandi of the CIA is to disrupt communications, and create chaos.   This is meant to soften up the masses so that they will accept anything, even dictatorship, to escape the chaos.

For the Bushites the strategy is simple.  Kiss up to those who support you and kick down the rest.

--------- Dragonslayer

The truth will set you free

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