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Tuesday, 15 February 2005 02:25
Instructions on How To Post A Story on

PEJ News: In order to submit a story, you must first login to Once you have successfully logged in, select Submit News. This takes you to the screen where you can submit your story to The editing interface works best with Internet Explorer, so please use it if available. From the top to the bottom, here's how to enter your story into the web form...

The Title is the most important element of your story. The title either grabs your audience or not and weighs heavily in the search engines. Keep your headlines short and try to include keywords that people will use to search the article. Punchy is good. Do not use the same headline, or nearly identical ones, on multiple stories.

Our headline style is Capital Letters. Colons : are fine but not necessary. No periods in abbreviations: US not U.S., UN not U.N. Spell out "and" - don't use & or symbols in general. Here are some acceptable headlines:

Here are some good headlines:

Mr. Rosenbaum's Untimely Demise: Was Times Reporter Murdered?
For Bullets and Bombs: Okanagan O.K. with Uranium Mining?
Disappearing Jack Abramoff: Why This Scandal Will Fizzle

And some that need improvement:

Gorilla Radio for Monday, January 9, 2006 (this is the same as other Gorilla headlines - no indication about what the article is about)
International and other issues ignored in the 2006 Canadian election (Nice Headline But Words Should Be Capitalized)

You have one of four choices for the Topic. Pick the most suitable:

Peace News
Earth News
Justice News
PEJ Events

Also choose the Category that describes the best geographical audience for your article. Pick one of:

British Columbia
Victoria - Islands
Vancouver - Lower Mainland

Aritcle Text (or Story Text) -- This text box provides for the headline, first paragraph and the original URL whenever available. The Article Text is the short story introduction that appears on's home page when your story is published with a link to the full story. It also appears at the top of the full story page.

For all text boxes, please select "Plain Text" if it is not already selected. Click in the text box and when asked if you want to Use Visual Mode, select OK. You may now type and paste into the text box. In Internet Explorer you will also get a variety of formatting tools on the bottom of the text box.

The first line is a repeat of the headline (Title). Please bold and underline the headline if you are able. Enter a blank line like here before beginning the second paragraph...

...which begins by bolding the source of the story (PEJ News - CBC - Juan Cole - etc.), followed by the author's name, perhaps other information, by your own introduction and/or an interesting and important part of the story. For example:

The Australian - Simon Hayes - November 15, 2005 - Third-World despots...
Richard Boyce - November 15, 2005 - On Monday I attended a ?by invitation only?...
PEJ News - C. L. Cook - A Hooded man, standing on a box, arms splayed...
Kurt Nimmo - It is now obvious the Amman hotel bombings were a black op...

The third and last "paragraph" is for the URL of the original story. Please include the URL here whenever available. If you do not have a reference URL, do not include a third paragraph.

Do not hit ENTER at the end of your last paragraph. Stop all text boxes at the last character, probably a period.

Extended Text -- This is where you paste the remainder of your story. You may find it easiest to start by pasting your whole story into this text box. Please select "Plain Text" if it is not already selected. Click in the text box, and when asked if you want to Use Visual Mode, select OK. Now you can paste or type into the box. In Internet Explorer you will also get a variety of formatting tools on the bottom of the text box.

Note Text -- This area is currently not used.

Skip to the Preview/Submit button at the bottom of the page and to Preview Story to see what it looks like. Continue to edit it until it looks good, taking care to remove duplicate content and irrelevant materials such as the email routing info at the top of many emails.

When you are satisfied with the look of your story choose the Submit or Post Story button at the bottom of the page.

Editors have the option of programming a story to be posted later at a specified time.

Congratulations. You have just submitted a story to Unfortunately PEJ News, which is put out by volunteers, cannot pay for your story. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Text Clean Currently Unavailable

If you have taken your story off the web (or HTML email) or have copied a Word Document you have one other step that must be taken to strip out visible coding <usually found in angle brackets>...

For now the only way is to paste into a text file which removes all formating including links.   If you find an online stripper please let us know

We have experienced multiple problems due to people picking up stories off the web and inadvertently dragging formatting, links, etc. with them. For example:

1. coloured text that looks ugly on
2. illicit ad links
3. GIANT text
4. <XML> and other computer codes that appear as gibberish to ordinary folks
5. HTML lines can cause much of our site to be much too wide... for printing, or even viewing in smaller windows

Please "clean" any text to make it look good. has an excellent tool to do that automatically. It is referenced below.

Using this text filter will avoid problems being introduced into our site from the outside world, and also ensure a more consistent look to our stories that is sure to please the readers. Let me tell you as a professional communicator that consistency is very important to most readers for ease of reading.

First go to: [currently unavailable]

and type in the URL you want to clean up in the "Address" box at the top of the page, hit the go arrow.

Now switch the drop-down (top left) to "Plain" and press execute. Now you have clean text for extracting to your PEJ story.

Click on the ? on the top right for other neat tricks.

We hope in the future to also have a feature to allow you to upload an attachment with your submitted article.

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