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Posted by Joan Russow
Tuesday, 06 October 2015 06:34





SDG Goal 1; EndPoverty in all its Form Everywhere ; Sixty Seven Years  of Procrastination


SDG Goal 2 End Hunger Achieve Food Security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture

SDG Goal 3: A Review of Social and SOCIAL AND Environmental Determinants of Health


SDG Goal 4: Ensure Inclusive Equitable Quality Education and Promote Life-Long Learning Opportunities For all. And Educating for SDGS

SDG Goal 5:Time to implement the Beijing Platform of Action


SDG Goal 6: Must include the human right to safe water and sanitation


SDG Goal 7; Access to Affordable Socially Equitable Environmentally Sound Energy


Goal 8:Socially equitable and environmental sound employment and fair and just transition principle


SDG GOAL 9  Infrastructure  transportation - moving away from car dependency






SDG Goal 13 Climate Change; urgent means urgent


SDG Goal 14: Oceans- Time to Heed Warnings, discharge obligations and act on commitments


SDG Goal 15: The imperative to end the logging in old growth forests


SDG Goal 16 : militarism must be addressed


SDG Goals for Transforming Our World are Impeded by Unsustainable Institutes and Practices


SDGs: Transforming our world by acting on conference and summit commitments not by just reaffirming them


The Overarching Theme  and Themes of the SDGs must be based on international  law, legal  precedents and peremptory norms Friday, 10 July 2015