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Sunday, 15 November 2009 10:06

Malalai Joya Comes to UVIC

PEJ News - Sunday Nov15 2009 Malalai Joya addressed a packed auditorium at UVIC's David Lam auditorium. Malalai was Malalai Joyaforced from the Afghan Parliament for calling the parliament a zoo full of animals, which happened right after they called her a whore who should be raped and shot. Malalai paints a picture of a warlord ruled parliament corrupt to the core.  Karzide's nickname is "Little Bush".  The CIA is seen to be financing the Karzide drug warlords who in reality are Taliban carbon copies only even more repressive.  A land where a woman needs her husbands permission to get medicine or even to go out in public.

The totally fraudulent election was called a success by Stephen Harper.  Both the US and NATO are giving the Karzide government legal status even though the election was a total non election, a fraud from beginning to end.  A fraud that the whole world was witness to. 

Malalai is calling on all foreign forces to withdraw from Afghanistan.  She calls on President Obama to apologize to the Afghan people for invading their country.  She further calls on him to arrest George Bush for crimes against humanity and withdraw all troops from Afghanistan. "No nation can bring democracy to another" claims Malalai.  "The Parliament is a mafia".  Only the Afghan people can make the change in the way their country is governed.  Currently all the money is being used to support the bad guys and continue Afghanistan as the opium capital of the world.  Not only is the government of Afghanistan destroying its own people but the youth around the world who become dependant of these drugs.

For more info on Malalai Joya and how you can help go to  For local info you can visit  Her book, "A Woman Among Warlords" is available in all major book stores

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