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Remembering History

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Usually there are disagreements as to the exact dates of beginnings of conflicts, especially when those conflicts are global. "Which act lit the spark on the tinderbox? Which straw was the final one? Like peak oil itself, the beginnings of war are often visible only in retrospect." For example, some would argue that World War II began in 1939 with the German invasion of Poland. Others would pick the 1931 Japanese invasion of Manchuria or maybe even the 1933 Reichstag Fire. The only consensus regarding World War II is that it was devastating. What is Happening at the Present: True to the old proverb "If We Don't Learn Our History, We're Doomed to Repeat It" - As it was with World War II, so it appears with World War III. Many, including George Bush, believe that 911 was the start of World War III. The nominees for this title are plentiful; Afghanistan, Iraq I, Iraq II, Syria, Jerusalem, etc.. The beginning of World War III could have also been triggered by the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, or the opening of Iran's Oil Bourse which is hastening the collapse of the US Petrodollar.

click to enlarge - source - 23 April 2008 data
There is also the belief that World War III maybe less so an attack on a certain country or a people as it is a war between corporate governments and their citizenry. However, if you are still undecided as to the exact start date of World War III given the above choices, then how about picking 8 August 2008 when the war between Russia and Georgia began? This date will surely be considered by many historians to be the beginning of World War III since it means that the current wars in Africa and Asia have now spilled over into the European continent. Why Russia and Georgia are at war: There are many reasons why Russia and Georgia are at war, but as it was with Afghanistan and Iraq, oil and proposed oil and 
gas pipelines
standout as the primary one.

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The reasons for such a war however are a moot point. What is important is who benefits from this, who is orchestrating it, and what will be the end result? The first part is easy, the only benefactors of wars are corporations. As for the second part, according to Russian officials "it was the USA that orchestrated the current conflict", while the Georgian Minister has personally thanked Israel for what is happening. And the third, the end result of such a conflict can only bring about the expansion of World War III and everything that it entails. What else could possibly be the final outcome when two of the most powerful militaries of the world clash, one directly and the other through a client State. It should be becoming clear that the implications of what is happening are unfathomable.

What the Future Holds:
At the beginning of this year, after reading the news that thousands of Pakistanis had fled into Afghanistan due to the security situation deteriorating in Pakistan I wrote a piece called "What the Future Holds: It' s much worse than your worst nightmare." This article summarized our current situation at the time and laid forth an argument that we are in essence at the beginning stages of a full-blown world war. A few recent important events have taken place since that summary was written, such as: Israeli jets using Iraqi airspace in preparation for an attack on Iran, Iran opening their Oil Bourse and totally removing US dollars in their countries oil transactions, at least nine banks failing in the US and UK so far in 2008, Blackwater mercenaries being used on American soil for raids by the US Federal Government, conflict between NATO and American forces and the Taliban in Afghanistan swelling, Dick Cheney preparing US allies for a nuclear war, Sistani issuing Fatwas against US Troops, and George Bush receiving four hundred million dollars for covert operations in Iran to destabilize the country which for all intents and purposes is an act of war.

So what awaits us in the future? From this perspective there is only one answer, the proliferation of war. Below is the updated summary that was posted at the beginning of this year. It is more relevant today than it was a few months ago.

What the Future Holds: It's much worse than your worst nightmare

Everything is politics
, from what we eat to what we drink, from what society deems acceptable behavior to what it considers a criminal offence, from who we interact with to how we interact with them. Politics decides if we are free or if we will live as slaves in bondage. Politics determines what our children are taught in school, how we treat the ecosystem, what theories scientists investigate, how art is perceived, what version of history we recall, and how the future will remember us. In essence, politics governs our thoughts, our understanding of reality, and how we and our society evolve, which is why the main focus of this site has been the analysis of our political status, laying down a foundation for our next phase of dialogue, which will focus on our future mode of existence and the structure of future societies. Before moving on from the realm of politics, I have prepared the following summary and forecast of what we can expect in the immediate future. Since specific issues have been previously discussed in detail on this site I have tried to keep this summary brief and on topic. The perspective presented should make it clear that the opening of Pandora's box with the US-led invasion of Iraq has, beyond a reasonable doubt, kick started World War III. This information is being presented in three parts: The first begins with an analysis of a BBC news report that thousands of Pakistanis are fleeing into Afghanistan; second is a graphical presentation of what the West is planning to do in the Muslim world; and third is why it is crucial that the use of Nuclear and Scalar weapons be avoided at all costs. In addition, I have also supplied links to articles from that are essential reading, further discussing in detail what is presented in this post. 1) How Bad It Is: Pakistanis flee into Hell, while Hell comes to Africa 2) Target is still Iran: Clear Cutting the Middle East and the coming Blood Bath 3) Avoiding Armageddon: Why the use of Nuclear and Scalar weapons must be avoided at all costs 4) Other Triggers of WWIII: Net Neutrality and 2012 Prophecies 5) Additional Information: Related articles from

How Bad It Is: Pakistanis flee into Hell, while Hell comes to Africa.  Just when you thought you had heard it all before, you come across certain events that baffle the mind, bringing such clarity to make you want to crawl back into your hole of ignorance.

At the same time that United States has revealed that they are about to ramp-up military operations in Pakistan, BBC is reporting that "thousands of Pakistanis have fled into Afghanistan" due to the security situation deteriorating in Pakistan. This revelation is frightening on multiple levels: It proves that the NATO occupation of Afghanistan is a complete disaster and that the chaos it has created is spreading; it shows us how desperate the situation is in Pakistan if people are willing to escape into what is considered to be hell on earth; and it indicates that Pakistan is about to become another major war zone the likes of which has not even been seen in Afghanistan. The implications of what the above BBC news report is revealing can not be over emphasized. Thousands of human beings are being forced to leave a once peaceful homeland for what is considered to be one of the most brutal and violent places on earth, where life expectancy is only 46 years. Based on this report, we can only assume that all hell has broken loose in Pakistan (a nuclear country). Just to make sure that this really sinks in; Pakistani refugees, in their search for a safe haven, are being forced to flee into a country that has been at war for over 30 years. This can only mean that every other escape root is either cut off, or that the surrounding regions are much worse off than Afghanistan. This is the frightening reality. This is what Western intervention has created in this region, complete chaos. Why is all this happening?

The only political explanation that I have been able to come up with is that the United States, with the help of some NATO countries, is in the beginning stages of implementing the World War III option, two of the goals for which are to create the New Map of the Middle East and to maintain the status quo of Western economic dominance of global financial markets.

Our Current Situation:
Here is a brief summary of where we are right now? The US Armada in the Persian Gulf has been busy trying to create a Gulf of Tonkin incident which can be used to kick start a war with Iran (fortunately for us, the official [sic] US version of the incident has unraveled, proving yet again that Iran has no desire to start a war); Israel is considering a strike on Iran despite the US NIE report; Lebanon is on the brink of a Civil War; Russia and the US are in full production of a new arms race; reports indicate that after six years of occupation, the war in Afghanistan is just beginning, which is also confirmed by the news that the US is increasing troop levels in Afghanistan; after five years of occupying Iraq, US Military is increasing its frequency of airstrikes within residential areas, which is a sure sign that they are losing the war; Russia is mirroring US and Israeli policy in its right to pre-emptively use Nuclear weapons; top US generals have already admitted that the occupation of Iraq will last at least 10 to 50 years, all the way up to 2057; the enforcement of US sanctions on Iran will blossom into a full confrontation at some point; the Gaza Strip is being turned into a concentration camp; Israeli jets have been using Iraqi airspace in preparation for an attack on Iran; Iran has opened their Oil Bourse and totally removed US dollars in their countries oil transactions; at least nine banks have failed in the US and UK so far in 2008; Blackwater mercenaries are being used for raids by the US Federal Government; the conflict in Afghanistan swelling; Dick Cheney has prepared US allies for a nuclear war; Sistani has issued Fatwas against US Troops; George Bush has received four hundred million dollars for covert operations in Iran to destabilize the country; and much much more.

As if the above is not enough, unfortunately, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) encompasses more then just the Middle East. The US African Command (AFRICOM) has been very busy creating death and destruction in Africa in an attempt to obtain control of Africa's Oil. If you find the idea that Africa can become bloodier than it is inaccessible, then consider this: Contrary to popular belief, the worst humanitarian crisis in Africa is not Darfur, it's Somalia, and it all started a year ago, when the United States and Ethiopia started a war with Somalia, ending six months of the only peaceful period Somalis had known for years. The end result has been the same as all other wars that the United States has started this century. Not only is Somalia devastated but the war is spreading. Kenya is in chaos, Uganda is being affected, and even though "Africa is united in rejecting US requests for a military headquarters" inside Africa, there are reports that "from oil rich northern Angola up to Nigeria, from the Gulf of Guinea to Morocco and Algeria, from the Horn of Africa down to Kenya and Uganda, and over the pipeline routes from Chad to Cameroon in the west, and from Sudan to the Red Sea in the east, US admirals and generals have been landing and taking off, meeting with local officials. They've conducted feasibility studies, concluded secret agreements, and spent billions from their secret budgets." This is the future that awaits Africa with AFRICOM, a neoconservative agenda to control the "oil, and the diamonds, and the uranium, and the coltan."

The Future:
Taking all of this into account along with the continuing confrontation between US and Russia over Europe and Iran, the saber rattling between the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and NATO, and the devastating economic crisis that is about to hit the world, we have much to be concerned about in 2008, and 2009, and 2010, and so on. Especially if the rhetoric of using Nuclear weapons in the next major war continues to be used. What will the end result of all this be? Simply put, all of this is going to come and bite us in the ass so hard that our grandchildren's children will rue the day that the West started a war with the approximately one and a half billion Muslims that occupy this planet. How do we put a stop to this madness? We who live outside of the United States can do very little to affect US foreign policy. All we can do is to make sure that our governments do not support or participate in any other wars that the American Empire begins. We who live inside the United States are the only ones who can prevent what has been planned. Many political and military analysts believe that it is not a question of "if" but "when" the US attacks Iran, but I do not believe this. Politically and economically a war between Iran and United States is inevitable, however we are not just political and economic beings, we are also social, communal, thinking and moral beings. We have the ability to divert from our current path, and this will require sacrifice. Neither the western mainstream media nor the electoral process, with its bias and disregard for democracy, will change the Project for the New American Century. It is up to us individually, through our communities, and our peace organizations and labor movements to bring to a stand still the American Military-Industrial Complex (video 59:05) and the Corporate War Machine. In a previous article entitled "WW3 Has Already Started or: 18 Ways To Stop The Bomb", a list was presented to help bring about positive changes to our society. This list is provided below (permalink). The first step in resisting is to educate ourselves and those that follow us. War is no longer an option if humanity is to survive.

18 Ways To Stop The Bomb:

  1. Spend time with who and what you love. Surrounding ourselves with love should help us to remember the beauty of life.
  2. Learn to filter and recognize propaganda. It is corporations that profit from wars, not individuals. Always apply the filter: 'Ownership determines content.' "If we accept that it is desirable for individuals to practice moral agency as fully as possible, then we should seek to create a different kind of media system."
  3. Your body, your voice, your mind, and your spirit are required at peace rallies for us to reach critical mass. Additional information at the following news sources: CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Raging Grannies, ANSWER Coalition, Stop War, United for Peace, Move On, Anti War, Common Dreams, bellaciao, PEJ News, OpEd News, Information Liberation , Project Censored , Information Clearing House , Global Research , Prison Planet , The Raw Story , Gush Shalom, and Truthout.
  4. Stop watching corporate news on TV, they do not provide information, just propaganda. Frequent legitimate unbiased news sources such as: The Real News Network, Democracy Now!, International News Net, Sub Media TV, Free Speech TV, Link TV, and Alternative Radio: Audio Energy of Democracy.
  5. Stop supporting corporate education and entertainment. Learn about your rights, how society functions, what we have done, and are doing to each other and the planet. Watch and learn from movies and documentaries such as: Earthlings, America: Freedom to Fascism, A World Without Cancer, Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre, Chemtrail: Aerosol Crimes, The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror, The Future of Food, Liquid Crystal Vision, Marcus Garvey: Look for me in the Whirlwind, The Doomsday Code, Iraq For Sale, Plan Colombia, The Revolution will Not be Televised, Freedom Downtime: The Story of Kevin Mitnick, Zeitgeist, and Loose Change.
  6. Learn about the financial institutions that have been established to profit from the ultimate consuming machine known as war. Watch and share: ZEITGEIST, The Movie: Part 3 of 3 (47:05), and the animated Money As Debt (47:07).
  7. Stop supporting mass media that has been the voice of government and corporate propaganda and the driving force behind the recruitment, promotion, and continuation of the war agenda. Begin to acquire your news from actual people blogging and reporting on the true nature of life. News blogs such as: What Really Happened, Ya Ya Canada, Dahr Jamail's MidEast Dispatches, Desert Peace, Daily Kos, plus countless others available on the Internet.
  8. Write, call, and personally contact your representatives in government ( US and Canada), demanding that they begin to represent you and your family, not corporate money. Realize that most of our representatives have not even begun to grasp the "terminal" path that we are on.
  9. Not only should you be consuming less and locally, but also producing locally. Corporations over the years have destroyed the infrastructure of local economies, but it is time for us to rebuild. Additional information at Post Carbon Institute, People and Planet , BALLE, 100 Mile diet and numerous other sources available on the Internet.
  10. Reduce your dependency on oil by using public transportation and or alternative means of transportation. See Critical Mass for additional information.
  11. Downsize your car and/or convert to hybrid transportation. The sooner you do this the better. This will not only save you money on fuel, it will also allow you to sell your large gas-guzzler before the rise in fuel prices reduces the value of your car to nothing. And you better hurry, because the waiting lists for hybrid cars are long and used models are selling for more then the new cars.
  12. If you are working for an organization which is actively supporting war then try to find a different occupation which does not require of you to promote the destruction of humanity.
  13. Begin to invest in yourself instead of Stock markets who launder money while profiting from war. Additional information for Canada at Stop Pension Plan Investments in War!
  14. Begin to work with nature and not against it by learning about natural resources available in your area. Additional information at: World Changing, Planet Friendly network, and NI Business Info.
  15. Make healthy eating choices. Studies have found that most bankruptcies are due to medical bills, and since the passing of the Bankruptcy Bill you will no longer be cleared of your debts if you declare bankruptcy in the US, which means that you will become a slave to the banking institutions. This will take away your freedom and force you to abide by their agendas, the main agenda of which is war.
  16. Support artists against the war and boycott those that support the war. There are many artists who have officially spoken out against the war and are proactive in their attempts to bring us peace. Some of these artists are: Immortal Technique, System Of A Down , Ben Harper, Dead Prez , Dixie Chicks , Serj Tankian , Anti-Flag, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Charlie Sheen , Susan Sarandon, Rose O'Donald, Banksy, Carlos Latuff , Ben Heine, Simon Regis, and even Sean Penn.
  17. Participate in civil disobedience. Peace organizers are now advocating "people in the antiwar movement to move from protesting to performing acts of civil disobedience that 'get in the way of the war machine.'"
  18. Understand that we are one people occupying one planet, and that we are and will be held accountable for the actions of our governments. Learn about our history by reading books such as: Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, A People's History of the United States, Hegemony or Survival, Wilhelm Reich in Hell, Mass Psychology of Fascism [PDF] , Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope, The Shock Doctrine, Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, and War Is a Racket written by America's most decorated general US Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler.

Target is Still Iran: Clear Cutting the Middle East and the coming Blood Bath

One of the main reasons that we are on the brink of the greatest global catastrophe ever known to the present civilization is because people do not have a clear picture of what is happening in the world. To remedy this situation, the following maps are being presented to help in the visualization of what the United States of America is proposing - World War III. The following is a Map of World Conflicts published in 2005.

click map to enlarge - source

Below is a map of the most populace Muslim Countries in the World. The correlation between this and the above map
is more then just coincidence. 

click map to enlarge - source

Many believe that the escalation of war in the last few years is associated with the need to control the worlds dwindling oil resources. Many more believe that these wars are not just about the control of the oil, but the currency in which oil is traded (the Petrodollar). Even Alan Greenspan has confirmed that the Iraq war was really about oil. The following is a map of the worlds oil producing countries. When viewing this map keep in mind that OPEC countries supply 40% of the worlds oil requirements (29% of which comes from the Middle East), and that many of these countries have indicated that they wish to stop using the US dollar in their oil trade. Iran has even gone as far as opening an Oil Bourse and totally removing US dollars in their country's oil transactions.

click map to enlarge - source

Below is a map showing the major oil trade movements in millions of tonnes. An excellent interactive map which shows the top 10 oil producers and consumers along with oil movements across the world is also available at "Oil: Key Players
and Movements

click map to enlarge - source

The United States government has denied that the wars in the Middle East and the ensuing occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq are related to oil. This denial continues even now, while the Bush administration is taking an aggressive stance towards Iran. The rhetoric from the US government as to the reasons why it has been forced to confront Iran have changed multiple times during the last few years, none of which have been related to oil. The following two maps show the approximate location of US military bases in the Middle East, and existing and proposed oil and gas pipelines.

click map to enlarge - source

click map to enlarge - source

What has been happening is the last few years is the demonization of the Muslim world through war propaganda which "glorifies military indoctrination as the highest form of patriotism." This was the tactic used after 911 in the buildup to the war with Afghanistan, as well as the invasion of Iraq. Fortunately for all of us, this tactic has, up to this point, failed to work with Iran. However that has not stopped the US government from applying pressure and trying all means necessary to weaken Iran before the proposed strike. The above maps clearly indicate what the US administration plans to do. They have been delayed for multiple reasons, but their agenda is clear. Iran is considered a threat to the American Empire and must be dealt with, irrelevant of the consequences, or so the neoconservatives would like us to believe. What will happen if American citizens allow their government to continue to threaten sovereign countries in an attempt to control the worlds oil resources? The following two maps show what the Middle East as we know it looks like, and how the Middle East may look like if the United States succeeds in maintaining control. click map to enlarge click map to enlarge - source

Unfortunately for the world however, such an endeavor as redrawing the borders of so many countries would be nothing less then World War III. A conservative estimate of how many people would die in this global war can be obtained by assuming that the same percentage of people that died in World War II would also die in World War III. In the 1940's the world population was approximately 2.3 billion. World War II resulted in 72 million deaths (42 million of which were civilian casualties). This means that approximately 3.1% of the worlds population was killed. At present, the world population is approximately 6.6 billion. If we assume that the same percentage of people will die during this world war as the last, it would mean that over 200 million people will be dead in the next few years. This is a conservative estimate since nuclear weapons were introduced at the end of World War II, while they are being proposed at the beginning of World War III. The number of wounded will be well over 1 billion if we assume a kill to wounded ratio of 1 to 5. Isn't it about time that we told our leaders that war is no longer an option and that we will not kill or die for them? After all, it is not their children who fight and die in these wars.

Avoiding Nukes: Why the use of Nuclear and Scalar weapons must be avoided at all costs

Technology is developing in such a way that it is becoming easier and simpler to create. From growing food, to making babies, to developing weapons: we are able to make them faster and better. In time, one society will always catch-up with its predecessor, especially in their technological abilities. Hence those that have at the present must be wise enough to share what is needed with those that require, and cautious enough not to flaunt or misuse things that others desire. When every leading political figure in the United States is stating that "all options are on the table", then it is likely that nuclear weapons will be used when the United States bombs Iran "back to the stone age" as it threatened to do to a nuclear Pakistan. If this is allowed to happen then the standard to which war is waged will be set. This means that any country that participates or supports a military operation such as this will be a target, and other countries will have the right to retaliate in kind. What will result from such an escalation of war? Iranians do not only live in the Middle East, they also live, en masse, in the rest of the world. The Iranian Diaspora Population map shows that approximately 2.5 million live in the US alone, 700,000 in Canada, 300,000 in the UK, and 2 million in India. If a war breaks out between the US and Iran, then what transpired with the internment of Japanese Americans and Canadians during World War II will become a distant memory and a travesty that will be repeated, especially if nuclear or Scalar weapons are used. Just to put things into perspective, making sure that it is fully understood what the impact of an attack on Iran really means, consider this: The United States has already stated that they will use nuclear weapons in an aerial bombardment campaign against Iran. Since the creation of the atomic bomb, it has been accepted that once nuclear weapons are used again in any war, then they will continue to be used until there is no one left to kill. As the saying goes, you do not bring a knife to a gunfight, so once a nuclear weapon has been used on any country then that country and its people have a right to use nuclear weapons in retaliation. Albert Einstein once said, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones". I personally hope that we will not fulfill Einstein's prophecy. A question does come to mind however; will a nation of Christians and non-Muslims be able to prevent genocide during this World War? I personally doubt it, because the threat from those who are of Middle Eastern descent will be a real one that Western governments will exploit.

click map to enlarge - source

And thus the stage is set for the most important period in human civilization. For us to be able to prevent this nuclear Armageddon that the United States proposes we must be as diligent as those who propose it. If they are intend on using all options to contain Iran, then we must consider all options to contain them. The first step in resisting is to educate ourselves and those that follow us. War is no longer an option if humanity is to survive. See 18 Ways To Stop The Bomb for additional information.

Other Triggers of WWIII: Net Neutrality and 2012 Prophecies

A quick note: There is a very good possibility that the World War III option is an attempt to control the Internet by eliminating Net Neutrality and online free speech. It appears that the boundaries set between countries through treaties are vanishing due to the exponential dissemination of information through the Internet. This is in conflict with the wishes of the oligarchy who are willing to do anything to maintain control. Other triggers could be related to the 2012 prophecies. These topics will be discussed further on this site in the future.

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