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... use it." The missile shield is designed to counter a small-scale attack by countries such as North Korea or Iran, as well as accidental missile launches by Russia and China. But Postol said it is unlikely ...
Sunday, 03 October 2004
... nonproliferation policies, the Bush administration initially sought to cut the Cooperative Threat Reduction Programme (the so-called Nunn-Lugar programme) for securing and dismantling Russian nuclear weapons ...
Saturday, 02 October 2004
Going back to the Travers article - yes, we are still in the nuclear age and that means [BMD Ballistic Defense] programmes which cause Russia to keep more nuclear weapons o­n high alert, and which ...
Thursday, 30 September 2004
... new Russian and Chinese nuclear missile buildup resulting from U.S. Star Wars plans; about the destruction of vitally important, long-standing arms control agreements; and about the rapidly increasing ...
Wednesday, 29 September 2004
... about the Pentagon's unprecedented plans to weaponize space; about the huge new Russian and Chinese nuclear missile buildup resulting from U.S. Star Wars plans; about the destruction of vitally important, ...
Wednesday, 29 September 2004
... the United States. When we were in the Cold War, the Russians knew that if they hit us we could hit back twice as bad," he said. "So it kept them in tow. Without the system, we were left out in the cold. ...
Tuesday, 28 September 2004
Iran + Israel + 5,000 smart bombs

(International/Justice News)
... community now recognized, he contended, that Iran, with missiles that could reach London, Paris, Berlin and southern Russia, threatened the whole world, not just Israel. FRUSTRATION Wednesday, Shalom told ...
Thursday, 23 September 2004
... nuclear weapons ambitions. China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the United States are trying to persuade the North to ditch its suspected nuclear programs in exchange for security guarantees and energy ...
Thursday, 23 September 2004
The Resort to Force

(International/Justice News)
... cost. It can also provoke violence in response, and often does. Inciting terror is not the o­nly illustration. Others are even more hazardous. In February 2004, Russia carried out its largest military ...
Monday, 20 September 2004
With U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear forces still o­n hair-triggeralert, we need to recognize that present policies for reducing the risk of nuclear strikes against the United States by terrorists ...
Monday, 20 September 2004
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