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Swinging the Bear: More from the 'Manning Downing Street Memos'The Nation - David Corn - How could Bush get Putin on board -- or at least persuade him not to veto a Security Council resolution ...
Tuesday, 04 April 2006
... had something to do with nine eleven and traipsed with Osama bin Laden. Now they will be told the back-stabbing Putin connived with Saddam Hussein, a rather suspiciously timed accusation in light of Russia?s ...
Sunday, 26 March 2006
... of their Soviet sponsor. Buoyed by soaring oil and gas revenues, Russian President Vladimir Putin is now attempting to regain some influence in the region, notably in the crisis over Iran's nuclear ...
Saturday, 25 March 2006
Peace in Palestine, Peace in Israel

(International/Peace News)
... directly in the Arab-Israeli conflict, Vladimir Putin's Russia is challenging America's monopoly of the peace process while seeking to regain the influence it once had in a vital region not far ...
Saturday, 04 March 2006
... a California consulting firm. Corporations have been cooperating with the NSA for half a century. What's different now is that they appear to be helping the NSA deploy its awesome computing and data-mining ...
Friday, 03 March 2006
... Bush is a simpleton who often says more than he should, giving away the game; Cheney is a callous Rasputin whose penchant for secrecy and power-lust as he runs the government constantly gets the group ...
Wednesday, 22 February 2006
... voice has come from Moscow. Last Tuesday, on the same day as U.S. President George W Bush in his State of the Union address lectured Hamas to disarm, President Vladimir Putin told a press conference: "Our ...
Saturday, 04 February 2006
... and rarely informed the board about the details. Tom DeLay and his cronies appear to have been accepting what amounted to bribes from Russians with connections to the Yeltsin-Putin regimes who wanted U.S. ...
Wednesday, 04 January 2006
Bear Market: Gassing Russia

(International/Justice News)
Bear Market: Gassing RussiaEmpire Burlesque - Chris Floyd - I hold no brief for Vlad (the Impassive) Putin's authoritarian Kremlin regime ? in so many ways a role model for the one-party, oil-bidness ...
Tuesday, 03 January 2006
Enemy Media

(International/Justice News)
... of what Vladimir Putin so enthusiastically urges for Russia, to wit, a "dictatorship of law." I hadn't a clue as to what that term might mean until I started pondering the brouhaha, much more publicized ...
Thursday, 01 December 2005
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