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... making reference here to Hezbollah and Hamas, two self-defense organizations completely legitimate under the charter of the United Nations, as Israel has invaded Lebanon on numerous occasions and continues ...
Sunday, 03 September 2006
... prize for the comment showing the most utter stupidly. In attacking Human Rights Watch he said if Hezbollah was not made to pay an "overwhelming price" for rocket attacks "the Holocaust would be in the ...
Saturday, 02 September 2006
... of the Maronite Church in Lebanon, to say : ?If Hezbollah should one day take power in Lebanon, the Christians will leave the country in droves.? (6) A wide-ranging spectrum of the Lebanese Christians ...
Thursday, 31 August 2006
... goes on. They all prefer to hide behind their glorious Merkava tank?s armour. However, they all fail to admit that the Hezbollah are just exactly the opposite. The Hezbollah warriors do shoot from the ...
Wednesday, 30 August 2006
Roberts : The 5 Morons Riding High

(International/Justice News)
... the pretext of striking at Hezbollah. AIPAC and Bush have allowed, or caused, Israel to do itself so much damage in the eyes of Muslims and the wider world that a peaceful resolution in the MIddle East ...
Wednesday, 30 August 2006
... weapons American money could buy failed to defeat 1,200 lightly armed Hezbollah fighters.www.PalestineChronicle.com The Day After: A Reading into the Post-Lebanon War Ramzy Baroud If it is true that the ...
Wednesday, 30 August 2006
Gorilla Radio for Monday, August 28, 2006

(International/Justice News)
... say they were taken inside Lebanon, others say Hezbollah fighters penetrated Israel intent to take hostages back with them. It?s an important distinction, if one buys into Israel?s claim their bombing ...
Sunday, 27 August 2006
Lebanon: The Cedar Devolution

(International/Justice News)
Lebanon: The Cedar DevolutionThe Nation - Joseph Logan -The month of carnage that was Israel's failed attempt to destroy Hezbollah left Lebanon with a few bitter certainties. Its status as a holiday ...
Sunday, 27 August 2006
Don't Provoke Tigers

(International/Justice News)
... buy arms for Israel's independence struggle from Britain. Sikh separatists in Punjab were funded by Canadian Sikhs. The Tigers are courageous, highly effective fighters -- call them the Hezbollah of ...
Sunday, 27 August 2006
Bush "Studies" Next Move on Iran

(International/Justice News)
... wounds from the embarrassment, if not humiliation, of not being able to "eradicate" Hezbollah, as its leaders declared at the beginning of hostilities. Consequently, the US had to start its own propaganda ...
Thursday, 24 August 2006
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