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(International/Justice News)
... for thirty pieces of silver. Bolivia’s negotiator proclaimed his opposition to an agreement talks setting targets that limit warming to two degrees and exclaimed: “The leaders of the rich countries should ...
Friday, 05 November 2021
Crisis Hits Oil Industry in atin america

(International/Justice News)
... fallen by 29 percent in Bolivia compared to 2019, as a result of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which causes COVID-19, and by 26 percent in Argentina, 22 percent in Brazil ...
Monday, 25 May 2020
...    The Trump administration’s current and future behavior in Bolivia can best be forecast by its strong support for the military coup that overthrew the democratically elected ...
Wednesday, 05 February 2020
achievements in Bolivia under Evo Morales

(International/Justice News)
Exerpt from  Randy Caravaggio's talk on Bolivia Double Standards & Hypocrisy  13 years ago Evo Morales was elected president of Bolivia. Although Bolivia's population is composed  ...
Saturday, 18 January 2020
NOVEMBER 11, 2019 · 16:34 Canada backs coup against Bolivia’s president BY Yves Engler https://yvesengler.com/2019/11/11/canada-backs-coup-againgst-bolivias-president/ In yet ...
Wednesday, 27 November 2019
... coup came after "The Trump administration and the OAS...tried — without offering any evidence — to discredit Bolivia's national election in the past couple of weeks," Weisbrot wrote at The ...
Thursday, 14 November 2019
... BY CENTER FOR ECONOMIC AND POLICY RESEARCH CEPR   Washington, DC — Statistical analysis of election returns and tally sheets from Bolivia’s October 20 elections shows no evidence ...
Friday, 08 November 2019
... Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, and now Guatemala. “The situation in agriculture is complicated by the company’s operations,” said Alex Reynoso, a coffee grower from a municipality near San ...
Tuesday, 19 February 2019
... Fuel Brazil's Devastating Drought, Amazon's Flooding ….the boom-and-bust phenomenon may be South America's new normal https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2015/02/150226-drought-floods-south-america-brazil-bolivia-flying-rivers-environment/ ...
Sunday, 17 February 2019

(International/Justice News)
... in Ethiopia were 60 percent more likely to invest in soil erosion prevention. In forests where indigenous land rights have been recognised, deforestation rates have dramatically declined. In Bolivia, ...
Thursday, 07 February 2019
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