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Israeli-made bullets bought by the U.S. Army to plug a shortfall should be used for training only, not to fight Muslim guerrillas in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. lawmakers told Army generals on Thursday. ...
Sunday, 27 June 2004
... funerals in the last three years - including 80 percent of the funerals from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Day said even a good recorded version sounds like it's coming out of a tin can, and cemetery ...
Tuesday, 22 June 2004
... o­ne wonders how many of these luckless warriors were handed over by the Canadian military in Afghanistan.  What responsibility do the Canadian people bear for the treatment and ultimate disposition?  ...
Monday, 21 June 2004
... Statute applied to Afghanistan but not Guantanamo, because the latter lies within the "special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, and accordingly is within the United States" when ...
Monday, 07 June 2004
Gore speaks out on Bush and Iraq

(International/Justice News)
... that occurred in the prisons of Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo and secret locations as yet undisclosed as completely out of keeping with the character and basic nature of the American people and at odds ...
Monday, 31 May 2004
... Iraq and Afghanistan. You know well what a willfully uninformed and heedless president you serve in Bush, how chilling are the tales of his ignorance and sectarian fervor, lethal opposites of the erudition ...
Sunday, 30 May 2004
... this point. Is the cost in lost lives worth it? At this point, it's hard to tell, in Afghanistan as well as Iraq, what "it" even is. In Afghanistan, 31 months of war have left the country ruled by ...
Sunday, 30 May 2004
... from around 40 countries who are being held by the US without charge in Iraq, Cuba and Afghanistan. The world should have expected the shocking photographs of Iraqi prisoners being tortured at Abu Ghraib ...
Wednesday, 26 May 2004
Chomsky on Bush: BBC Interview

(International/Justice News)
... democracies? No. JEREMY PAXMAN: You've mentioned o­n two or three occasions this relationship between the United States and Britain. Do you understand why Tony Blair behaved as he did over Afghanistan ...
Tuesday, 25 May 2004
Op-ed from Bob Herbert of the NYT

(International/Justice News)
... East expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, addressed that point last week in a report titled, "The `Post Conflict' Lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan." "At this point," ...
Monday, 24 May 2004
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