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Challenging the Fraud, Together PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 07 November 2004 01:15
Challenging the Fraud, Together

?Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.?
-Shakespeare?s ?The Tempest? (Act 2, Scene 2)

Saturday, November 06, 2004
A Non-ABB Take o­n Electoral Fraud
By Mickey Z.


"Call the cops, I see a robbery in progress
Lunatics about to steal the show?
-"Steal Da Show,? Nelly

I must admit, it is somewhat amusing to watch the Kerrycrats and ABBers desperately scrambling to find a reason why their boy fell short...why the American public rejected their undeniable logic. With Ralph Nader no longer available as a handy scapegoat, the predictable cry of ?fraud? is in the air. As Mort Sahl o­nce said: ?Liberals feel unworthy of their possessions. Conservatives feel they deserve everything they?ve stolen.?

However, it?s not hard to imagine that the 2004 presidential election was ripe with fraud (a fraudulent, un-elected president and a fraudulent liberal)...and those who recognize that JFK2 would be greenlighting the assault o­n Falluja with as much zeal as Dubya shouldn?t completely dismiss the entire issue of stolen elections as moot. After all, short of a revolution in the next decade or so, isn?t it an interim hope to witness a true radical/progressive candidate o­n the ballot and in the debates and?dare I say?occupying the White House (or least the Halls of Congress)?

If this is viewed as a small step toward justice, then we cannot ignore the concept of electoral fraud. Sometimes activism positions us in uncomfortable collusion with unsavory types...like Nader teaming with Pat Buchanan to fight NAFTA. Or let?s say Monsanto is pushing legislation that will allow products containing GMOs to be designated as ?organic.? Is it contradictory for an anarchist or libertarian to support limited government intervention (in the form of the USDA) to make sure Monsanto?s dangerous proposal is defeated? An odd strategic quirk, yes...but even those who wish to eliminate all forms of government can appreciate the short term value of keeping our food supply safe.

Thus, supporting (at least in words) the Kerrycrats in their investigation of voting irregularities is not a sellout...but rather a pooling of resources and energy to expose fraud in the name of o­ne day protecting radical candidate.

Not the most crucial, burning issue, I?ll admit...but o­ne that should not be so glibly dismissed as the domain of insulated liberals and over-emotional Bush-haters. Helping the Kerrycrats and ABBers dig out the truth is not about putting JFK2 in his rightful place...it?s about laying the foundation for future elections.



Mickey Z. is the author of four books, most recently: ?The Seven Deadly Spins: Exposing the Lies Behind War Propaganda? (Common Courage Press). He can be found o­n the Web at www.mickeyz.net.

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