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Challenging militarized Security; Abolition of War PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Joan Russow
Wednesday, 13 March 2013 13:53

by Canadian Voice of Women for peace and Global Compliance Research Project The petition  will continue at a new site at on http://www.causes.com/actions/1737985-challenging-militaristic-security-abolition-of-war?utm_campaign=cause_mailer%2Fweekly_report&utm_medium=email&utm_source=causes

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AWARE THAT  the global military expenditure is equal

to 700 years of the UN regular budget or almost 3,000 years of the new UN women’s agency, UN Women THAT true security is NOT "human security" (Iraq 1991),"humanitarian intervention" (Kosovo, 1999), "self defense" (Afghanistan, 2001-),"Pre-emptive-preventive"(Iraq, 2003)", "Responsibility to Protect" (Haiti, 2004, Libya, 2011) or "will to intervene" (Mali, 2013)

BUT common security.

 Common security was a concept initiated by Olof Palme, a former president of Sweden, and has been extended to embody the following objectives

· to achieve a state of peace, and disarmament; through reallocation of military expenses and delegitimization of war
· to create a global structure that respects the rule of law and the International Court of Justice;
· to enable socially equitable and environmentally sound employment, and ensure the right to development and social justice;
· to promote and fully guarantee respect for human rights including labour rights, women’s rights (including SC Res. 1325), civil and political rights, indigenous rights, social and cultural rights – right to food, housing, safe drinking water and sewage, education, and to universally accessible not-for-profit health care system;
· to ensure the preservation and protection of the environment, the respect for the inherent worth of nature beyond human purpose, reduction of the ecological footprint e move away from the current model of unsustainable and excessive overconsumption furthering the cult of war;
· to end violence against women that is a result of and tool of war.

Common security through the adherence to the rule of international law will lead to the fulfillment, under Security Council 1325 – of the important role of women, to prevent war.


WE CALL FOR the years of international rhetoric on moving to a culture of peace to be translated into action by the international system, including the Commission on the Status of Women ;

WE CALL FOR the delegitimization of war. Given the social, economic, ecological, health and psychological consequences of war, under no circumstance or condition is war legal or just;

WE CALL FOR all states to reduce their military budgets by at least 50% to stem the 1.7 trillion dollars global annual military budget and to reallocate the savings to the promotion of true global security, common security

WE CALL UPON all governments to help prevent war by invoking the UN charter’s chapter VI - the peaceful resolution of disputes;

WE CALL FOR the United Nations to promote common security and call upon the member states to sign and ratify international covenants and conventions which embody obligations and commitments related to common security;

WE CALL FOR allStates to reform their domestic laws and judicial procedures so they provide effective and meaningful protections for the rights of indigenous women within their jurisdictions, and to take steps, immediately, to ensure elimination of the direct and indirect impacts that militarization and development and utilization of nuclear processes/ byproducts have on indigenous people, particularly indigenous women and girls*, using the transfer of capital money no longer being used to fund war. *Note., who are the most severely impacted, as a result of various States intentionally identifying and locating industries related to militarization, nuclear facilities and related waste disposal sites on their legally protected homelands;

WE CALL UPON the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to calculate the contribution of militarism to greenhouse gas emissions;

WE CALL FOR the conversion, to peaceful purposes, of military bases, including those on foreign soil and institute a "fair and just transition" for those affected by the conversion.

Drafted by Joan Russow and Janis Alton, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

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