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URGENT Re: Jason Kenney - don't deport my familyKim Rivera PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Written by Joan Russow
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 11:32


by Kim Rivera

Date: 18 September, 2012


This week, over 18,000 of you signed my family's petition asking the Canadian Government to stop our deportation and let us stay in Canada. Then, yesterday,Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke up for us in the Globe and Mail. You all give us so much hope, but our fate is still undecided. 

We may still be deported on Thursday and I may still face a court martial and my biggest fear -- being separated from my husband and four kids and having to sit in a US prison for speaking out against the Iraq war. 

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney can stop our deportation. That's why we're asking you to please call him today and tell him you want my family and I to be allowed to stay in Canada together.


Call 1-866-599-4999 and asked to be transferred to Minister Kenney's Office.
For what to say when you call check our our Facebook event page. Then post a comment on that same page and tell us what they said.

Our family thanks you!
Kim Rivera, Mario Rivera & Christian (age 10), Rebecca (age 8), Katie Marie (age 4), and Gabriel (18 months)
P.S. After you call, share our petition with your friends on Facebook by clicking here. 
Here is some more information me and my family:
I deployed to Iraq in 2006, but after witnessing the countless civilian casualties and the terror we were causing Iraqi families, I knew I couldn't go back. And instead of being forced to redeploy to Iraq, I drove four days with my family from Texas to Canada to seek asylum.
We love Canada. My children grew up here in Parkdale in Toronto and it's all they know. If we are deported, I will face a court martial and up to five years of jail time. With a felony conviction it would be hard for me to get jobs, apply for student loans, and support my family in the future.   

I don't regret refusing to participate and speaking out against what I felt was a completely unjust  war. Doing the right thing is not always the same as doing the easy thing, but it doesn't have to be this way -- Jason Kenney has the power to let us stay and


Prime Minister Stephen Harper has even said the Iraq war "was absolutely an error."


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