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Friday, 29 January 2010 03:28

In his testimony, both he and the interrogators referred to his try into get a second resolution ( see below comment on the November 8 UNSC Resolution 1441).  In drafting the second resolution, he was not seeking diplomatic means but the authorization by the UNSC for the invasion. If he had been concerned with diplomacy and respecting the rule of Law, he would have called upon the UNSC to move from Chapter VII to Chapter VI- the peaceful resolution of disputes, and would have called upon the UNSC to seek an advisory opinion about the legality of using the notion of pre-emptive/preventive war.

Throughout his interrogation, he mentioned the role of the 250, 000 troop at the border of Iraq. First of all in reference to the fact that Hans Blix had reported on March 7 2003, that there was some indication that Saddam Hussein was willing to allow the inspectors in. A report that many felt would justify allowing the inspectors to continue their work.
Second of all, it was quite clear that Bush had indicated that the invasion had to be done in March so this deadline was obviously influencing Blair

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