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After Copenhagen PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 09:26

After Copenhagen

PEJ News - There are three things we can apply now rather than waiting for the next big rendez-vous of world leaders:

  1. Start capping emissions from both industrial and transportation/building sources now - we know who the emitters are.
  2. Temperatures in the Arctic vary but some have already reached 3 degree Centigrade increase; capping at 2 degrees as recommended at Copenhagen is no longer possible.
  3. Charge the CEOs, board of directors of the fossil fuel industries and delinquent government leaders with crimes against humanity.  They have known of the problem for decades and stalled while millions suffer and die from the effects.


The need for speed is essential as the problems escalate. For example, methane gas escaping from Arctic tundra speeds up warming dramatically.  

Meantime the pr machine for oil and chemical companies continues to muddy the waters, confuse the public - as they did with their cigarette campaign, and should be charged with crimes against humanity..

Binding agreement and committed targets were not reached at the 2009 Copenhagen Conference.  We cannot wait. Countries around the world must move now as quickly as possible to cap the problem.  The public pretty much accepts we must all focus on action now. It is the world leaders and global corporations who are dragging their feet..   

Sue Hiscocks

Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 December 2009 09:26

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