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El Nuevo Diario..Managua..Their Take on Zelaya PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 14:02
El Nuevo Diario.. Managua.. Their Take on Zelaya

PEJ News -
JossJosephMageau - Today's commentaries in this reputable Nicaraguan journal mention that Michelleti, the Yanqui puppet, has 2 essential criteria towards legitimacy fulfilled, control of territory and the subsequent "constitutional" legitimacy this now confers. Other commentaries are much less supportive..and point to a long memory as El Circo..the circus..is installed in Hotel Frontera, Ocotal.

Seamus' translation of events is right on. The 5 bases in Colombia, the sabre rattling by Uribistas towards the Correa government, the implied interference by FARC, etc. point to a new concern by the Empire, including Canada, in the increased economic strength of the South. Bolivia will especially be in the Southern Command headlights. We, of course, cannot reduce greenhouse gas emissions without the lithium from the Salyars de Uyuni. And, as over 50 percent of known reserves are found there, Bolivia becomes a key strategic nation even if the largest producers of gasohol, or cane sugar alcohol, Brasil and Venezuela, are allies or not.

Look for Panama to experience a new navy presence, the Brits and Yanks will be moving equipment with great fanfare to the Caribean. A new war on drugs is not even needed to justify the seizure of the lithium mines, the proposed lithium mines that must be exploited.

The wild card is whether Lula and the Brasilians can be bought off and what China thinks of all this. Look for a quick wrap up of activity in Iraq and an attempt for the Isrealis, Golan Security and its South African mercenaries, to link Iran with Latin America...or as I prefer to name it...Tihuan'tesayo in honor of the Inca.

We will be living in interesting times.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 August 2009 14:02

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