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Justice News
Monday, 13 July 2009 23:42
Ecuador Pide Ayuda para Refugios Colombianos

PEJ News - Translated from "El Popular" by Virginia Hebrero -
Ecuador lanced a plea for asistance yesterday from the international community for help with the human drama that has seen 135,000 Columbian refugees flood into its terrritory.
The Ecuadorian Minister of Internal and Exterior Security, Miguel Carvajal, presented the UN agency responsible for refugees and the High Commission for Human Rights of the UN a snapshot of the situation that faces Ecuador with the increased presence of refugees as a consequence of the internal conflict in Colombia.

"We are dealing with the greatest number of refugees in the Western hemisphere, but this is not much publicized on the international scene. Becuase of this, our objective is to inform the international community so we can promote human rights."

"Half the 135,00 people with refugee status live in the northern Ecuador-Colombia border. This area is very poor and the refugees find what help they can in the local communities.

To assist with the construction of camps and to lessen the tension brought on by the poor taking from the poor, Ecuador is requesting, like a respectful mendigo, 23 million dollars to assist the refugees until 2011 when it is hoped that the Colombian situation improves.

The Northern border has problems with security, weapon running, and narco-trafficking. These get worse as a result of the land area ( 30 thousand hectares ) and the chaos a refugee situation can create. Many cocaine labs have been set up on both sides of the border, to the joy of the Holywood and yuppie hippie crowd, and the despair of ordinary campesinos and campesinas.

We add the presence of the right wing paramilitaries and the FARC and the ELN and the situation is parallel to the Taliban controled areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Last Updated on Monday, 13 July 2009 23:42

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