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Nuclear Submarine Collision: end Production and circulation of these subs. PEJnews PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Monday, 16 February 2009 23:06
Nuclear Submarine Collision: end Production and circulation of these subs

PEJ News
-Joan Russow

 2009 February 11

Nuclear Submarine Collision: end Production and circulation of these subs
PEJ News-Joan Russow – Global Compliance Research Project - After the collision of the nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed submarines the English HMS Vanguard and the French Le triomphant, there must be a global prohibition of the production and circulation of these submarines. In addition there must be an end to “war games” especially those which have used nuclear powered and nuclear-arms capable submarines as well as nuclear-arms capable .aircrafts



While the military claim there were no nuclear leaks, the possibility of future toxic radioactive and chemical leaks released by collisions creating hull damage or non-nuclear explosions on board cannot be ruled out. The presence of weapons grade materials and spent nuclear fuel, as well as other toxic chemicals on each vessel are more than sufficient sufficient evidence to act immediately on the prohibition and circulation of these ships, and invoke the precautionary principle- where there is a threat of a disaster, the lack of full scientific certainty of the threat shall not be used to postpone measures to prevent the threat.

Every year US nuclear-powered and nuclear-capable vessels circulate in Canadian waters and berth in the Canadian ports of Victoria and Halifax. The US has a policy of “ neither confirm nor deny” the presence of nuclear weapons on the nuclear-powered vessels.

The US manufactures these vessels in Connecticut. Several years ago, when I contacted NPR radio in Connecticut, and raised the issue of the circulation and berthing of these subs in Canadian waters and ports, I was told that the only time there was an issue about these vessels was when there was a fear of job loss.

For the past few years on the coast of British Columbia, NATO, the US and Canada have engaged in War Games, entitled Exercise Trident Fury. Nuclear powered submarines and nuclear arms capable military aircraft have participated in these exercises.

While the the US, France and England, along with Russia, continually decry the proliferation of nuclear arms capability to other states, they have been willing to endanger the global community through there floating and flying nuclear arsenal.


2009 february 19

Obama Press Conference: Lofty Rhetoric Must be Translated into Action

PEJ News - Joan Russow- Global Compliance Research Project – While calling for various actions related to diplomacy, disarmament, and security, Obama has failed to advance serious measures that would translate his lofty rhetoric into action


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