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Israel - Crimes Against Humanity and Propaganda PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Monday, 05 January 2009 06:22
Israel - Crimes Against Humanity and Propaganda

PEJ News -
The Israel propaganda machine has been continuously justifying the genocide in Palestine as self defense.  They also contend that what the Palestinians are doing with their rocket attacks amounts to crimes against humanity because the rockets are killing indiscriminately.   Well, guess what?... both sides are guilty.   Israel however, is a thousand times more guilty than Palestine. 

For months now Israel has been blockading Gaza from humanitarian aid and has crippled it such that basic necessities of power and water have been at critical levels.   Now with the invasion of Gaza by Israel there are currently 250, 000 Palestinians without water or power.   Israel claims that they are only targeting Hamas insurgents, but that turns out to be a lie.  They call it collateral damage, which is another lie. 

Much of the bombing is aimed at innocent targets.  Israel has  sophisticated weaponry and has no excuse for the innocent targets.   We must remember that whether we like it or not, Hamas is a democratically elected government.   Calling them terrorists is not helpful without also refering to Israel as being a terrorist state as well.  There are no good guys.   Bombing government leaders and their families cannot be justified.  What if someone started bombing our political leaders in their homes along with their families?   We would react like we did on 911.  In my opinion both those shooting rockets into Israel and those conducting and authorizing genocide in Gaza should be dragged before the criminal courts in the Hague and then to the guillotines in France. 

The world can no longer put up with the childish behavior of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.  It is time for the bigger powers of the world to step up to the plate and put a military blockade in place that will use whatever force necessary to stalemate the situation.  

I don't believe it is the interest of north Americans to exterminate the inhabitants of the middle east just to get the oil. 

It is however the stated objectives of the Bush administration to secure the oil reserves of the world.   The plan has always been for the US to support Israel in order to have the military base in the region that can be used to secure that oil.   Perhaps the Obama administration will have the stomach to put an end to this ridiculous and suicidal plan, which in its very essence a plan to create genocidal crimes against humanity.  The very premise that the inhabitants of the Middle East are sitting on US oil, is at the core of this crime against humanity plot.
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