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IRENA: Canada is absent from list of governments participating in Alternative Energy Conference PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 24 December 2008 00:08
IRENA: Canada is absent from list of governments participating in Alternative Energy Conference

2008 December 24

IRENA: Canada is absent from list of governments participating in Alternative Energy Conference

PEJ News - Joan Russow - Global Compliance Research Project - International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), was initiated by the German government for the promotion of renewable energy worldwide. IRENA recognizes that “Renewable energies are a key element in the supply of sustainable energy.” The founding Conference will be on 26th and 27th January, 2009, in Bonn, Germany. The current Canadian minority government has not agreed to participate. Prior to that date, the Governor General must summon parliament, so that the non-confidence vote can be put on the floor of the house, and the Coalition Government-in-Waiting, representing over 60% of the Canadian electorate must be given a chance to govern.




  In IRENA brochure, is the following statement about renewable energy:

  "Using renewable energy: guarantee of energy supply

  Even substantial increases in energy demand can be covered with wind, solar and other sources of renewable energy. The potential energy from solar radiation exceeds human energy needs more than a thousand times over. Technical progress has made use of these resources and considerably accelerated in recent years. Renewable energy technologies offer increasingly competitive alternatives to fossil and nuclear fuels.

  Sources of renewable energy are limitless, universally available and able to meet the need for stand-alone energy solutions in rural areas. Even isolated regions can receive energy supplies, and thus gain access to development, as renewable energies can be used far from centralised electricity systems. Renewable energies reduce human dependence on rapidly diminishing fossil fuel resources. Furthermore, they diversify and increase domestic supply, thereby saving costs or ever more expensive imports of conventional fuels

Renewable energies can meet the demand for electricity, satisfy heating and cooling needs and provide propulsion for vehicles without harming the environment”


1 Argentina 2 Australia 3 Austria 4 Belgium 5 Brazil 6 Bulgaria 7 Chile 8 Colombia

  9 Costa Rica 10 Czech Republic11 Denmark 12 Egypt 13 Estonia 14 Ethiopia

  15 Finland 16 France 17 Germany 18 Ghana19 Greece 20 Iceland 21 India

  22 Indonesia 23 Italy 24 Jordan 25 Kenya 26 Latvia 27 Lithuania 28 Luxembourg

  29 Mali 30 Malta31 Morocco 32 Netherlands 33 Nigeria 34 Norway 35 Pakistan

  36 Philippines 37 Poland 38 Portugal39 Republic of Korea 40 Romania 41 Senegal

  42 Slovakia43 Slovenia 44 Spain 45 Sweden 46 Switzerland 47 Thailand />

  48 Tunisia 49 United Arab Emirates 50 United Kingdom 51 Vietnam

  52 European Commission


The Governor General erred in appeasing Harper by dissolving parliament and by proroging parliament. Now she must summon Parliament to prevent Canada from again being seen as an international rogue state.

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