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Ecuador and Peru.. Impressiones del Viajero PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 December 2008 04:18
Ecuador and Peru.. Impressiones del Viajero

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Well back on the road. Sitting in a sweatbox Internet cafe..a small cubible in a small storespace next to a noisy street full of cars and tricycles honking their horns at every corner that does not have streetlights. The busy Piura Peru work day growls grumbles roars etc. The level of noise Latinos live with is incredible, no wonder these cities are so unorganized, they have no time to think.

So, Ecuador is a revelation..latest Ecuadorian news has the Yanquis out of the Manta naval base..Correa and his government will not renew their license..with this in mind the current rapprochement with Colombia makes sense..never mind that the war on drugs is a cover for propping up the dictator of the month. The Yanks will have to relocate and Colombia will probably be it. Now the CIA can really rake in the bucks in the coke trade..what might be embarassing would be the popular revolt that is close to occuring in Colombia. Add the pyramid fraud scheme, the native unrest, the floods in the South, FARC and ETA and an American base could find itself the target of Terroristas and thus usher into existence a new front from where to fight a new war on terror. The military complex will have to find something more to justify itself with after dumping Iraq onto the coalition of the unwilling, the UN.

Back to Ecuador..Ecuador is indeed a revelation. It has great pockets of poverty but I felt a spirit of real change there, it was like the spirit that fills Nicaraguans with hope without the traumas associated with war. It was a clean country, a place with actual street signs in the towns and cities, a place without the rusting signs outside of towns that seem to announce another disaster ahead. I saw plastic enclosed greenhouses outside of the small landholdings that campesinos throughout Latin America  possess. Some were commercial flower operations but many others were a manner of optimizing the use of the land and growing as much as possible. If such a strategy were used in nations like land poor Honduras campesinos would live much better. I also noticed public housing, libraries in small towns, Seguridad Social offices that actually deliver social security programs. Correa, much to the dismay of the rich, is actually using oil profits to improve infrastrucuture. I saw roads being built in the fringes of Amazonia, a boom in a fringe town like Gualaquiza.

More recent happenings in the press concern Ecuadorian reevaluation of the foreign debt..which means  sitting down and going over things like cost overuns and quality control. This has Brazil in an uproar as they have taken aim at a Brazilian financed project.

Now Northern Peru is a disaster zone. An intro to Peru on the highway is a journey into African style poverty. Given the amount of Indigenas scr
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