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Justice News
Monday, 20 October 2008 06:25

Victoria Peace Rally

PEJ News - Sue Hiscocks - At the Victoria Peace rally in Centennial Square Saturday Oct. 18, speaker Younas Mirza from the Canadian Islamic Congress summed up some of the critical statistics on death and suffering in Iraq, Palestine and Aghanistan.

www.PEJ.org .

The occupation of Iraq was illegal and corrupt for both occupier and the occupied.  One million were killed and five million civilians displaced.  Twenty to thirty die daily- there is no food and water.  In Palestine, 80% of the children are malnourished....Gaza has become a 'prison'.

Afghanistan produces 90% of the world opium; drug dealers are in the government cabinet.  Approximately 4700 civilians died in 2008, children five to twelve years old are smuggling food from Pakistan to Afghanistan, daily risking death.  There are twenty training camps in the mountains run by the Taliban.

Drone attacks on civilian homes are ongoing,   There are 80,000 American soldiers there.  Canadians will have spent 25 billion by  2011 with no security as the outcome.

Mirza suggested the wisest action for Canada now, is to withdraw and offer financial and technical assistance to the population.  In view of the unnecessary suffering and destruction experienced, by millions of innocent people, perhaps we should listen to Mirza.

The rally demonstrated in front of the military recruitment office on Fort Street.

Last Updated on Monday, 20 October 2008 06:25

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