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Satirical News and the Build Up to the Third World War PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Saturday, 11 October 2008 06:50
Satirical News and the Build Up to the Third World War
PEJ News - Pablo Ouziel, Justice Editor -
 Perhaps a couple of decades from now we will all be praising the mainstream media for the wonderful work they have done reporting on our collective insanity. If we could all leave aside for a minute our nationalisms and ideologies, we could see through every page printed, every word aired, or every media image shown, that global confrontation is just around the corner. The media seems to be seeing what its readers, viewers and listeners are not able to grasp. A large scale war is now unavoidable, and we have all contributed to it through our obtuse obsession with ourselves and our ideals, and our lack of holistic understanding of human interaction. That said, it could be that news is no longer news, and is just part of the 21st century satirical entertainment culture. If that is the case, we can safely say that once the television is turned off, the war ends.
Week after week, escalation is the game being played by
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