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Catrachas Demand Ortega Stays in Nicaragua PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 01 September 2008 11:41
Catrachas Demand Ortega Stays in Nicaragua

PEJ News -
JossJosephMageau - A group of Honduran activists have insisted that Daniel Ortega stay in Nicaragua. An association of Mujeres Para La Paz have jumped on a denunuciation made by another women that Ortega made unseemly advances to her. Given the sort of violence common against women in Honduras and the Nica rep as fighters, not peacemakers, las Catrachas insist that the alliance implicit in ALBA trade alliance proceed as it is good for the nation but they really does not want Nicaragua to gain influence in the area through ALBA accord.

Even Nuevo Diario of Managua has published this text, at least freedom of the press is alive and well in Nicaragua. Given the Chamorro families rep as fair dealers, this is not surprising. Their papers are fairly well balanced, one being right wing and the other being left of centre.

Obviously this could be a smear campaign but one is left to wonder what sort of idiot cannot account for his time spent at work. We see here in Nica, his giant image raised in the black power salute at almost every highway intersection. He stares leader like into the horizon and in espa
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