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Georgia Blame Game PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 August 2008 12:15
Georgia Blame Game

The Real News - Check out this video from Real News on the reasons for the Georgian conflict.   How did all those Russians get into South Ossetia in the first place?  Were they always there or did Russia recently colonize the area?  To answer this ......

The Real News

Lets take a brief look at http://sojcc.ru/ which seems to have no new news since the start of the present conflict. 

It appears that the attempted extermination of Ossetia by Georgia has not just started but has been going on for a long time.   Russia has given most Ossetians automatic Russian citizenship.   90% of Ossetia supports joining North Ossetia which is Russian.  This has no doubt angered Georgia who sees this as an attempt by Russia to annex Ossetia.  Ossetia is geographically linked to Georgia because of the mountains which create an extreme barrier but ethnically linked to North Ossetia in Russia.  

The US of course sees Georgia as a puppet state that gives it a foothold in the region for both oil and a defense shield   It appears that the US is also complicit in training the Georgians in the art of ethnic cleansing which they completed in July.

On a territorial bases Russia has no right to be in Georgia.  On a humanitarian bases with respect to Ossetia they are in the right to be policing the area til stability returns.   Too bad the UN isn't doing this.   At the very least it seems that in the short term Ossetia and Abkhazia both need protection and that means keeping the Georgian police and military in check to prevent renewed attempts at ethnic cleansing.

Perhaps the UN will eventually be called upon to provide policing and stability while Russian troops withdraw.  At any rate it would appear that Georgians need to chuck their government and elect a peacemaking government.

The likelihood of this is small because Georgia is like a peanut being fought over by two elephants.
Last Updated on Friday, 15 August 2008 12:15

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