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Fortress North America: Is the future of Paranoia, the internal mind-scan identity scheme- the Diatitrenous PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 23 June 2008 03:59
Fortress North America: Is the Future of Paranoia the Internal Mind-Scan Identity Scheme - the Diatitrenous

PEJ News-Joan Russow-Global Compliance Research Project - It is not enough to check just one fingerprint, we need to register all ten fingerprints (Chertoff); it is not enough to set up no-fly lists, no-drive lists, no-walk lists, no-crawl lists, no swim-over-river-by-border lists, or no-scale wall lists; It is not enough to probe eyes with iris/retinal identification, [it is not true that the eyes are the window to the mind], it is not enough to confiscate anti-administration material or permit presidential wire taping; it is not enough to engage in racial profiling, it is not even enough to "virtually strip" passengers through scanning the naked body beneath the wardrobe (a 3-D holographic image of the body, L-3 Communications).*

Now it is the mind that needs to be penetrated. What devious schemes are being envisioned? The future could be an internal mind-scan (diatitrenous) to once and for all protect Fortress North America.

*see https://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2008/06/20/bc-virtually-naked-airport-scanner.html

But how to name it, and what corporations can be entrusted with this task?


Some time ago, an interdisciplinary academic group met to determine how to label nuclear waste so that future generations would be aware of the danger. This was an important adjunct to justifying the "safety" of continued nuclear civil energy.

It is reported that Bush is calling for "stricter identity systems", an imaginary look into the future, building on Bush's dissatisfaction with current existing identity technology. Chertoff will recognize that the real need is to scan the mind. He will follow the precedent of setting up an interdisciplinary team to discern the appropriate naming of the technology. Perhaps the following proposals will be made by the interdisciplinary team:

1. From the Greek the Diatitrenous:
Latin, Greek, perhaps Persian, that contributed "assassin" [check for Farsi words] to the English language. Since the Latin word mens, along with its derivatives, is well recognized even by users that do not study the classics, perhaps it would be better to use the Greek "nous" (nominative case) ­ nou (genitive case); the problem would be whether to use the nominative nous or the genitive nou. He probably would decide on nous because it could be blamed on the French. This word could be combined with the Greek word diatitreno meaning penetrate, into forming diatitrenous;

2. From Psychology the "subliminal release", through psychological devices discerning subliminal messaging;

3. From Art History The "Convulsicon"
Through juxtaposing "- juxtaposition of incongruous images - drawing from Isidore Ducasse, the self-styled Comte de Lautr
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