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On the Road Again... PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 April 2008 15:45
On the Road Again...

PEJ News - Joss Joseph Mageau -
This is more of a blog than anything else. Due to the nature of my work when i return to Canada, and the fact that i am not a native victorian...whatever the hell that is...many of you have no idea who i am. Actually being more of a socialist-libertarian-anarchist-buddhist-liberation theology Metis i prefer it that way.

Another adventure lies before me..as fas south as i feel like..maybe Santiago or the Lake district in Chile, certainly Ecuador and Northern Peru..Quito, Chiclayo, Huaraz, and Lima..obviously Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico DF.

Once again in this voyage I shall post my opinions..keep in mind that observation on the road is subject to many variables ..for example you get off a chicken bus that has been driven by a kamikaze kid, step into a street scene replete with the funkiest market possible and to top it all a block away two disgruntled humans are indulging in a battle. Your impressions of the town may be somewhat skewered, especially if you are new to this part of the planet.

I will also translate some news stories, i previously brought you the bio-fuels translation, years before it became reality..the case of the Mirandas in Montana Verde, Honduras..San Juan Intibuca and the importance of supporting community based tourism..Glamis Gold.. etc.

Luckily I was bounced from the Lonely Planet thorn tree..man the preppies and the yuppies have taken that deal over as expected when it began..

As for the story of the day..SEE Goldman Prize for a link to green news.

Buenas dias,

Joss Joseph Mageau
Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 April 2008 15:45

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