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Obama: The difference between a Dictator and a Leader PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Saturday, 15 March 2008 06:20
Obama: The difference between a Dictator and a Leader

PEJ News - chycho - One definition of a dictator is
  • Some quick research into the man reveals that he has very humble roots, allowing him to relate to a wide demographic. He was not fed with a golden spoon, nor does he hold allegiance to a specific race or religion. He has worked in the streets and chooses his words wisely. Most importantly however, he has proven that he can relate to people, irrelevant of their social status or financial situation. Thus, he is the best and only remaining candidate who will be able to grasp the needs of the majority of American citizens.

    There remains however some discrepancies about him, albeit many fewer discrepancies then the other candidates. Some of these are:
  • In the same breath that Obama says he will address the Muslim world he states that he will not talk to Hamas. Does he not realize that Hamas is one of the most important democratically elected governments in the Muslim world? Is he not aware that a Gaza Bombshell was dropped recently revealing that the current escalation in hostilities between Israel and Palestine was a direct result of the United States starting the
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