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Proposed Canadian No-fly list for Removal of Real Threats PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Sunday, 17 June 2007 14:07

2007 June 17

Proposed Canadian No-fly list for Removal of Real Threats - pej.org news. Joan Russow Global Compliance Research Project
On June 18, Canada will be obsequiously following the US in setting up its own no-fly list. If the criteria for placing citizens on a no-fly list were (1) contributing to war and conflict by invading another state; (ii) destroying the environment, (iii) violating human rights, and (iv) denying social justice etc. the list might include Any politician, military personnel, corporate executive, academic, religious leader, and scientist etc. who has initiated, aided and abetted, participated in, or drawn benefit from destructive practices or actions.


Proposed No-fly list for Removal of Real Threats

Compiled by Joan Russow (PhD)
Global Compliance Research Project

Perhaps governments need some guidance on determining who are the real threats. The following is a series of suggestions to assist the government in the developing the No-fly lists.

Any politician, military personnel, corporate executive, academic, religious leader, and scientist etc. who has initiated, aided and abetted, participated in, or drawn benefit from destructive practices or actions.

It is proposed that at the information desk at the Airport, employees must ask HAVE YOU EVER BEEN A MEMBER OF AN ORGANIZATION/INSTITUTION THAT HAS ENGAGED IN THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS.

(1) the targeting and intimidating of activists and the discriminating of citizens on the following grounds:

- race, tribe, or culture;
- colour, ethnicity, national ethnic or social origin, or language; nationality, place of birth, or nature of residence (refugee or immigrant, migrant worker);
- gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or form of family,
- disability or age;
- religion or conviction, political or other opinion, or - class, economic position, or other status;

(2) the drafting or enforcing of the “homeland security Act” or the “anti-terrorist Act” , the engaging in racial profiling, and the developing, promoting and enforcing intrusive identity measures such as biometrics;

(3) the violating human rights including labour rights, civil and political rights, social and cultural rights- right to food, right to housing, right to universally accessible not for profit health care system , right to education and social justice;
• the denying socially equitable and environmentally sound employment, and the right to development;
• the thwarting of peace and disarmament;
• the destroying of the environment, increasing of the ecological footprint and the current model of overconsumptive development.

(4) the promulgating of globalization, deregulation and privatization through supporting trade agreements, such as the WTO/FTAA/NAFTA;

(5) the advocating and supporting IMF structural adjustment program;

(6) the exploiting of the resources of vulnerable and indigenous peoples around the world;

(7) the undermining of the international commitment to transfer .7% of the GDP for overseas aid, and the canceling of third world debt;

(8) the promoting of the privatization of public services such as water, and health care, and the condoning of corporate funding of education and corporate direction of research;

(9) the slipping away to a behind-the-scenes meeting to undermine North American standards through the Security and Prosperity Partnership;.

(10) the invading/occupying of another sovereign state under the guise of self defence, of “preemptive/preventive” attack, of “humanitarian intervention: or of the responsibility to protect;

(11) the engaging in covert or overt “operations” against independent states from "Operation Zapata", and "Operation Northwoods" against Cuba, through "Operation Condor" in Chile, through years of euphemistic operations such as "Operation Just Cause" against Panama and more recently "Operation enduring freedom" against Afghanistan, and "Operation Iraqi Freedom" against Iraq;

(12) the propping up of military dictators that further vested national or personal interests and target and the assisting in the assassination of leaders of other sovereign states, who interfered with national or personal interests;

(13) the advocating of enormous amount of material and human resources expended on militarism, and the supporting the existence of NATO as well as NATO'S first strike policy;

(14) the perceiving of justice in terms of revenge through military intervention rather than seeking justice from the International Court of Justice;

(15) the misconstruing of Article 51 (self defence) of the Charter of the United Nations to justify premeditated non provoked military aggression
and engaging in the illegal act of invasion;

(16) the setting up of an international tribunal to try crimes against humanity but being unwilling to be tried for state crimes;

(17) the demanding of "justice" through the ferreting out of terrorists , while denying real justice for and imprisoning others who have disclosed other terrorists;

(18) the contravening of obligations under the Outer Space treaty, and risking resumption of arms race, and weaponization of space;

(19) the producing of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear, chemical, and biological, in defiance of the global commitment made at Stockholm in 1972 to eliminate the production of weapons of mass destruction;

(20) the profiting on the sale of arms, the participating in war games and war shows
and the advocating of enormous amount of material and human resources expended on militarism;

(21) the creating, the maintaining, the stocking, or the inhabiting of military bases in sovereign states around the world, and the circulating of nuclear powered or nuclear arms capable vessels throughout the world, and to berthing these vessels in urban ports;

(22) the profiting on the sale of arms, and the participating in war games and war shows, and the developing of or using of weapons such as Depleted Uranium and cluster bombs that would be prohibited under the Geneva Protocol II) and the developing, the selling or the planting of land mines throughout the world;

(23) the withdrawing from the ABT treaty and the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, and the refusing to reduce nuclear weapons as agreed under Article VI;

(24) the extending of "human security" to mean "humanitarian intervention" and "Responsibility to protect” and the creating of a licence to intervene militarily in the name of humanitarian intervention;

(25) the violating of Geneva conventions on the treatment of civilians, and international human rights and humanitarian law during the invasion and occupation of sovereign states;

(26) the ignoring of commitments made through UN Conference Action Plans, or failed to fulfill expectations created through General Assembly Resolutions;

(27) the initiating or participating in the assassination of or assassinated state leaders who interfere with national, corporate or personal interests;

(28) the violating of the Convention against Torture through Cruel, Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment;

(29) the counseling of other parties to engage in torture, through being a party to the offence of torture, and through counseling another person to be a party to the offence of torture;

(30) the redefining what constitutes torture to give legitimacy to actions that have previously been condemned;

( 31) the supporting of cruel and inhumane punishment through the practice of capital punishment, in violation of accepted international norms;

(32) the deploying weapons systems to protect corporate global corporate interests;

(33) the intimidating, cajoling or the offering economic incentives in exchange for support for military intervention;

(34) the undermining of the use of the Uniting for Peace resolution to prevent the scourge of war. by intimidating the members of United Nations General Assembly into not holding an emergency session of the UN General Assembly under the Uniting for Peace resolution;

(35) the demonstrating of disdain for the international rule of law, and the refusing to accept the jurisdiction or decision of the International Court of Justice;

(36) the disregarding of obligations incurred through conventions, treaties, and covenants; and of commitments made through conference action plans related to Common security - peace, environment, human rights and social justice;

(37) the scoffing at international obligations incurred through Conventions, Treaties, and Covenants, and of commitments through UN Conference Action Plans, related to Common Security -peace, environment, human rights and social justice;

(38) the undermining of the rule of international public trust law, and condoning and actively facilitating corporations benefiting and profiting from war;

(39) the subsidizing and investing in companies that have developed weapons of mass destruction, that have violated human rights, that have denied social justice, that have exploited workers, that have destroyed the environment;

(40) the relaxing of international standards for corporations including transnational corporations to “compete” and not revoking charters of corporations that violate human rights, destroy the environment, denies social justice and contributes to war and conflict;

(41) the opposition to Mandatory International Ethical Normative (MIEN) standards and enforceable regulations to drive industry to conform to international law, and supported corporate "voluntary compliance";

(42) the advocating of civil nuclear energy as a solution to climate change, and the exploiting and then declaring that oil reserves of other states are a matter of “strategic national concern”;

(43) the ignoring of the warnings of the Intergovernmental panel on Climate change, and the disregarding of obligations under the Framework Convention on Climate Change and the refusing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol;

(44) the contributing to environmentally induced diseases and poverty related health problems and denying universal access, to publicly funded not for profit health care systems;

(45) the producing, transferring and dumping of toxic, hazardous, and atomic waste, and the proclaiming hazardous waste as being capable of “environmentally sound” disposal;

(46) the gutting and discarding of the precautionary principle which reads where there is a threat to human health or the environment, the lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing measures to prevent the threat;

(47) the transferring to other states of substances and activities that are harmful to human health or the environment’ and the justifying of this transfer through the notion of “informed consent”;

(48) the producing, promoting, growing, approving or releasing genetically engineered foods and crops which has led to a deterioration of the food supply, and of heritage seeds;

(49) the destroying biodiversity and disregarding of the obligations to not defeat the purpose of the Convention on Biological Diversity;

(50) the denying of women's reproductive rights, in contravention of commitments made under the International Conference on Population and Development;

(51) the equating of legitimate dissent with criminal acts, and the targeting of dissidents;

(52) the intruding and intervening, through questionable institutes, in the electoral process in sovereign states, and the abandoning of multilateralism;

(53) the intervening in democratic state elections through intimidation, and bribery

(54) the denying fundamental rights through the imposition of religious beliefs;
the proselytizing of religion, and the discrediting the notion of democracy by couching a plutocracy/theocracy in democratic notions of "freedom;

(55) the refusing to support the impeachment of a leader who with impunity violates international law;

(56) the profiting through research, sales, marketing or distribution of
pharmaceutical drugs at the expense of economically, mentally or
physically vulnerable populations; (Angela Bischoff)

(57) the advocating and support of CODEX Alimentarius which aims, among
other things, to restrict traditional and non-patentable products such as
vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements (Angela Bischoff)


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