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Gwynne Dyer: The Climate Wars PDF Print E-mail
Earth News
Friday, 06 April 2007 03:08
Gwynne Dyer: The Climate Wars

PEJ News
- Notes from a Lecture - Key Points: Dyer argues that the effect of uncontrolled global warming will be:
  - mass starvation
  - mass population movement
  - war
The way climate works now:
- water is absorbed into the atmosphere at the equator
- and then comes down at around the same latitude N & S south of the equator.
- this results in a desert band between 20-25 degrees N & S of the equator,
- and just past that desert band there is a breadbasket.

He says many governments and institutions are studying the implications of climate change on the world food supply and other factors, but they're keeping it quiet.

Currently the world has less than a 45-day reserve of grain.
At a 2 degree increase, India's agricultural production will decrease by 25%.
Temperature rises by 5 degrees, the world will lose 50 to 70% of its agricultural production.


Dyer thinks that we can still avert disaster. He said this is about the best time in the history of the world for us to have to deal with a problem like this. It's a golden age: we're at peace, unified, and have strong international agreements.

* But, not if we slip into another cold war. *

The AEI view is in full-out panic about the rise of China - that the supremacy of the US is threatened. It recommends following a similar strategy to the UK in 1900
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