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Bush's State of the Union Address (2007): Time to resign? PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Tuesday, 23 January 2007 03:38
Bush's State of the Union Address (2007): Time to resign?

PEJ.news -Joan Russow (PhD)-Global Compliance Research Project- After the attack on the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, the US administration was asking the question "why do they hate us" but no one at that time was prepared to answer the question. Now, in his 2007 inaugural address , Bush should be prepared to answer the question, and then resign

In his speech tonight, Bush did refer to ?conditions that inspire blind hatred?:

?To prevail, we must remove the conditions that inspire blind hatred, and drove 19 men to get onto airplanes and come to kill us. What every terrorist fears most is human freedom ? societies where men and women make their own choices, answer to their own conscience, and live by their hopes instead of their resentments.?

The conditions, however, that inspire hatred are more likely those resulting from the US administration?s having:

*    perceived justice in terms of revenge through military
intervention [in Afghanistan] by misconstruing Art. 51 the
Charter of the United Nations to justify military aggression

*    misconstrued prevention of war by adopting a policy of
pre-emptive/preventive attack to aggressively attack sovereign
states; and supported notions of ?human security?, ?humanitarian
intervention? and ?responsibility to Protect? to justify increasing
military expenditures and intervention:

*     intimidated, cajoled, and bribed member states of the UN Security Council to attempt to justify violating the purpose of the Charter of the United Nations- to prevent the scourge of war; and threatened Member states of the UN General Assembly when they were ready to invoke the Uniting for Peace resolution to prevent the invasion of Iraq.

*     established military bases in sovereign states (in the case
of the US over 750 military bases in over 40 countries around
the world

*     promulgated propaganda for war in violation of the
International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, and engaged in ?War games? and ?military exercises? including with nuclear-arms capable weapons systems;

*     produced weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear,
chemical, and biological, in defiance of the global commitment
made at Stockholm in 1972 to eliminate the production of
weapons of mass destruction. and refused to abide by Article VI the Non
Proliferation treaty obligations

*     participated in military organization, such as NATO that has
a first strike nuclear policy in violation of the ruling of
the International Court of Justice that the use or threat to
use nuclear weapons was contrary to international humanitarian

*     circulated nuclear powered or nuclear arms capable vessels
throughout the world, and berthed these vessels in urban ports

*     planted land mines throughout the world, and failed to sign
and ratify the Convention for the banning of Landmines,

*     used weapons such as Depleted Uranium and cluster bombs that
would be prohibited under the Geneva Protocol II, and failed to ratify other Geneva Protocols

*     moved towards the militarization of space, and increasing
the arms race through the US Anti-ballistic Missile system in violation of the Outer Space Treaty which affirmed that space should not be weaponized and should be for the benefit of humanity

*      violated the Convention Against Torture, and has engaged in ?rendering?

*     engaged in covert and overt "Operations" against independent
states; from "Operation Zapata", and "Operation Northwoods"
against Cuba, through "Operation Condor" in Chile, through
years of euphemistic operations such as "Operation Just Cause"
against Panama and more recently "Operation enduring freedom"
against Afghanistan, and "Operation Iraqi Freedom" against Iraq

*     targeted and assisted in the assassination of leaders of
other sovereign states, and condoned the targeting and
assassinating of leaders by other states

*     subsidized and invested in companies that have developed
weapons of mass destruction, that have violated human rights,
that have denied social justice, that have exploited workers,
that have destroyed the environment.

*     failed to ensure that corporations, including transnational
corporations comply .. with international law, and to revoke
charters of corporations that violate human rights, destroy
the environment, denies social justice and contributes to war
and conflict

*     continued to engage in cruel and unusual punishment -
Capital punishment.

*     failed to reduce their military budget and reallocate
military expenses and transfer the savings into global social
justice as undertaken through numerous UN Conference Action
Plans and UN General Assembly Resolutions. (The US probably is spending almost 1 trillion per year on the military and is the major exporter
of arms)

*     disregarded obligations incurred through conventions,
treaties, and covenants; and made commitments through
conference action plans, related to the Public trust/ Common
security - peace, environment, human rights and social justice

*     Failed to sign, failed to ratify, failed to enact the
necessary legislation to ensure compliance with, or respect
for Public Trust international Conventions, Covenants and

*     demonstrated disdain for the international rule of law, and
refused to accept the jurisdiction or decision of the
International Court of Justice

*     undermined international obligations incurred through
Conventions, Treaties, and Covenants, and commitments through
UN Conference Action Plans, related to the Public Trust or to
Common Security -peace, environment, human rights and social

*     failed to act on commitments made through UN Conference
Action Plans, or failed to fulfill expectations created
through General Assembly Resolutions.

*     promulgated globalization, deregulation and privatization
through promoting trade agreements, such as the WTO/FTAA/NAFTA
etc that undermine the rule of international public trust law

*     opposed Mandatory International Ethical Normative (MIEN)
standards and enforceable regulations to drive industry to
conform to international law, and supported corporate
"voluntary compliance"

*     failed to revoke charters and licences of corporations that
have violated human rights, including labour rights, that have
contributed to war and violence, and that have led to the
destruction of the environment

*     promoted the privatization of public services such as water,
and health care, and reduced funding for universities, and
promoted corporate funding of education and corporate
direction of research

*     contributed to environmentally induced diseases and poverty
related health problems and denied universal access, to
publicly funded not for profit health care system

*     opposed an international commitment to transfer .7% of the
GDP for overseas aid, and condoned corporations benefiting and
profiting from war

*     advocated and supported IMF structural adjustment program,
and exploited vulnerable and indigenous peoples around the

*     failed to cancel third world debt and failed to ensure the
human right to safe drinking water, the human right to
unadulterated (non-genetically engineered pesticide-free
food), the human right to safe accessible housing, the human
right to be clothed, the human right to education, the human
right to universally accessible not for profit publicly funded
health care that stresses the importance of prevention of
environmentally induced diseases, and poverty related
illnesses. ( many of these rights have been protected through
international human rights instruments)

*     promoted the spread of Evangelical Christianity around the
world, undermining local indigenous cultures, and instilling
fear through the dangerous, and absurd belief in the "rapture"
, "Armageddon" and "left behind"

*     participated in the proselytizing of religion and the
undermining of other cultures and perpetuated the notion that
Christianity is superior to other religions

*     produced or permitted the production of toxic, hazardous,
atomic waste, and failed to prevent the transfer to other
states of substances and activities that are harmful to human
health or the environment as agreed at the UN Conferences on
the Environment and Development, 1992.

*     denied civil and political rights including the right to
freedom of speech and the right of peaceful assembly, and
fundamental labour rights

*     produced, promoted, grown or approved genetically engineered
foods and crops and led to a deterioration of the food supply,
and heritage seeds

*     ignored the warnings of the Intergovernmental panel on
Climate change and have Change, and Kyoto Protocol; and is demanding states to increase the production of oil to satisfy US consumption, and pressuring states to increase the use of nuclear energy;

*     enacted anti-terrorism legislation, such as the Patriot Act that violates civil and political rights, and engaged in racial profiling * failed to distinguish legitimate dissent from criminal acts of

*     enacted anti-terrorism legislation that violates civil and political rights, and engaged in racial profiling * failed to
distinguish legitimate dissent from criminal acts of

*     discriminated on the following grounds: - race, tribe, or
culture; - colour, ethnicity, national ethnic or social
origin, or language; nationality, place of birth, or nature of
residence (refugee or immigrant, migrant worker); - gender,
sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or
form of family, - disability or age; - religion or conviction,
political or other opinion, or - class, economic position, or
other status; * denied women's reproductive rights, * denied
fundamental rights through the imposition of religious beliefs

*     accepted corporate donations, and deluded the public into
thinking that citizens live in a democracy.

*     etc.
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