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Advice to Democratic-led Congress: to shift US away from contributing to global insecurity PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 04 January 2007 01:30

2007 January 4

Advice to Democratic-led Congress: to shift US away from contributing to global insecurity

Pej news -Joan Russow (PhD) Global Compliance Research Project- The first action should be calling upon the UN General Assembly to invoke Article 22 of the Charter of the United Nations to set up an international Tribunal to charge Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld et al for Crimes Against the Peace.

The next actions should be to end past practices by the US, and by US corporations, by institutions, and by individuals, that have provoked directly or indirectly conflict around the world and that have increase global insecurity.


Actions that have:
(i) engaged in covert and overt "Operations" against independent states, and launched the spurious ?war on terror?
(ii) promoted the spread of Evangelical Christianity around the world, undermining local indigenous cultures, and instilling fear through the "rapture", "Armageddon" and "left behind"
(iii) propped and financed military dictators that furthered its vested national interests and targeted and assisted in the assassination of leaders of other sovereign states, who interfered with US national interests.
(iv) continued to maintain over 750 military bases in sovereign states around the world, and to circulate nuclear powered or nuclear arms capable vessels throughout the world, and to berth these vessels in urban ports
(v) produced weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear, chemical, and biological, in defiance of the global commitments and obligations
(vi) opposed disarmament, and profited more than any other country on the sale of arms and from war
(vii) planted land mines throughout the world, and failed to sign and ratify the Convention for the Banning of Land mines, and Geneva protocol V:
(viii) withdrew from the ABT treaty and the NPT Treaty, and not only failed, as a nuclear arms power, to reduce nuclear weapons as agreed under Article VI but also has resumed development of nuclear arms;
(ix) failed to link civil nuclear energy with the development of nuclear arms,
used weapons such as Depleted Uranium and cluster bombs that would be prohibited under the Geneva Protocols
(x) continued to support NATO'S first strike policy, used its control over NATO to circumvent the United Nations, and opposed the disbanding of NATO
(xi) perceived justice in terms of revenge through military intervention rather than seeking justice from the ICJ, and misconstrued Art 51 (self defence) of the UN Charter to justify premeditated non provoked military aggression by engaging in the illegal act of invading Afghanistan:
(xiii) misconstrued prevention of war by adopting a policy of pre-emptive/preventive attack to aggressively attack sovereign states in violation of
the UN Charter article 2 and international law and has committed the
'supreme' international crime of a war of aggression
(xiv) attempted to undermine the international resolve to prevent the scourge of war by intimidating or offering economic incentives in exchange for support for military intervention; and has violated the principle that belligerents must not be rehabilitators on the ground:
(xv) deployed weapons systems to protect US global corporate interests
(xvi) promulgated propaganda for war in violation of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights;
(xvii) ignored the provisions in the Convention on the Right to Correction
(xviii) failed to reduce their military budget and reallocate military expenses and transfer the savings into global social.
(xix) demonstrated disdain for the international rule of law, and refused to accept the jurisdiction or the decision of the ICJ;
(xxiv) disregarded obligations incurred through conventions, treaties, and covenants; and made commitments through conference action plans related to Common security
(xx) failed to sign, failed to ratify, failed to enact the necessary legislation to ensure compliance with, or respect for Common Security international Conventions, Covenants and Treaties;
(xxi) undermined international obligations incurred through Conventions, Treaties, and Covenants, and commitments through UN Conference Action Plans, related to Common Security
(xxii) failed to act on commitments made through UN Conference Action Plans, or failed to fulfill expectations created through General Assembly Resolutions;
(xxiii) extended "human security" to mean "humanitarian intervention" and "Responsibility to protect? which has become a licence to intervene militarily in the name of humanitarianism;
(xxiv) violated Geneva conventions on the treatment of civilians, and has violated both international human rights and humanitarian law during the occupations of both Iraq and Afghanistan;
(xxv) violated the Convention against Torture through Cruel, Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
(xxvi) engaged in cruel and inhumane punishment through the practice of capital punishment, in violation of accepted international norms
(xxvii) promulgated globalization, deregulation and privatization through promoting trade agreements, such as the WTO/FTAA/NAFTA etc that undermine the rule of international public trust law;
(xxviii) advocated and supported IMF structural adjustment program, and exploited vulnerable and indigenous peoples around the world;
(xxix) opposed an international commitment to transfer .7% of the GDP for overseas aid, and opposed the canceling of third world debt;
(xxx) promoted the privatization of public services such as water, and health care, (xxxi) reduced funding for universities, and promoted corporate funding of education and corporate direction of research;
(xxxii) subsidized and invested in companies that have developed weapons of mass destruction, that have violated human rights, that have denied social justice, that have exploited workers, that have destroyed the environment;
(xxxiii) failed to ensure that corporations, including transnational corporations comply .. with international law, and to revoke charters of corporations that violate human rights, destroy the environment, denies social justice and contributes to war and conflict;
(xxxiv) opposed Mandatory International Ethical Normative (MIEN) standards and enforceable regulations to drive industry to conform to international law, and supported corporate "voluntary compliance";
(xxxv) failed to revoke charters and licences of corporations that have violated human rights, including labour rights, that have contributed to war and violence, and that have led to the destruction of the environment;
(xxxvi) denied universal access, to publicly funded not for profit health care system; ans contributed to environmentally induced diseases and poverty related health problems
(xxxviii) ) produced or permitted the production of toxic, hazardous, atomic waste, (xxxix) gutted and discarded the precautionary principle
(xl) failed to prevent the transfer to other states of substances and activities that are harmful to human health or the environment
(xli) produced, promoted, grown or approved genetically engineered foods and crops and led to a deterioration of the food supply, and heritage seeds;
(xlii) disregarded obligations to abide by the purpose of the Convention on Biological Diversity which the US has signed;
(xliii) ignored the warnings of the Intergovernmental panel on Climate change, disregarded obligations under the Framework Convention on Climate and refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol;
(xliv) discriminated on the following grounds:
- race, tribe, or culture;
- colour, ethnicity, national ethnic or social origin, or language; nationality, place of birth, or nature of residence (refugee or immigrant, migrant worker);
- gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or form of family,
- disability or age;
- religion or conviction, political or other opinion, or - class, economic position, or other status;
(xlv) denied women's reproductive rights, in contravention of commitments made under the International Conference on Population and Development;
(xlvi) denied fundamental rights through the imposition of religious beliefs;
(xlvii) targeted and intimidated activists and discriminated on the grounds of political and other opinion (a listed ground in the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights- to which the US is a signatory):
(xlviii) enacted anti-terrorism legislation that violates civil and political rights, and engaged in racial profiling
(xlix) engaged in racial profiling, and discriminated against immigrants, and failed to sign the Convention for the Protection of Migrant Workers and their Families;
(l) continued to be an international rogue state, intruding and intervening, unilaterally and abandoning multilateralism;
(li) undermined the notion of democracy by couching a plutocracy/theocracy in democratic notions of "freedom";
(lii) contravened obligations under the Outer Space treaty, and risked resumption of arms race, and militarization and weaponization of space.



and promote true security which is common security and involves the following objectives:
* to promote and fully guarantee respect for human rights including labour rights, civil and political rights, social and cultural rights- right to food, right to housing, right to universally accessible not for profit health care system , right to education and social justice;
*to enable socially equitable and environmentally sound employment, and ensure the right to development;
* to achieve a state of peace, social justice and disarmament; through reallocation of military expenses
* to create a global structure that respects the rule of law ; and
* to ensure the preservation and protection of the environment, respect the inherent worth of nature beyond human purpose reduce the ecological footprint and move away from the current model of overconsumptive development.

For years, through conventions, treaties and covenants, through Conference Action plans, and through UN General Assembly resolutions, member states of the United Nations have incurred obligations, made commitments and created expectations related to the furtherance of Common Security.

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