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Wednesday, 11 October 2006 11:36

Liar For Hire

Patrick Moore Ignores the fact that Nuclear Power Generates Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Captain Paul Watson ~ In his role of liar for hire, Canadian pseudo-scientist Patrick Moore keeps insisting that nuclear energy is clean, safe and reliable.


Liar For Hire

Patrick Moore Ignores the fact that Nuclear Power Generates Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Captain Paul Watson ~ In his role of liar for hire, Canadian pseudo-scientist Patrick Moore keeps insisting that nuclear energy is clean, safe and reliable.

In his latest arrogant pronouncement on the subject he told a pro-nuclear group in Iowa that "Our country's significant energy needs keep growing. We must diversify our energy sources to meet these needs," said Dr. Moore. "Nuclear energy should be an important part of this diversification plan, especially since its production generates no air pollutants or greenhouse gases."

Let's ignore the fact that the USA is not Moore's country and he should have used the words "your country" instead of "our country." It really is a little strange when you think of it that the U.S. had to import this so called scientist from Canada to defend the nuclear industry in the United States. The reason of course is that it is difficult to find real scientists willing to spout out the garbage that Moore seems to have absolutely no problem with spewing."

Moore may also have another agenda. Canada is the leading producer of uranium and mines over 28% of world production. It would be interesting to see if Moore is also representing Canadian uranium mining interests.

Moore conveniently ignores the fact that nuclear power plants require large amounts of uranium to operate and to extract uranium from the earth, requires a very large consumption of fossil fuels in the mining operations. The uranium miners are not taking this stuff out of the ground with picks and shovels. It takes thousands of tons of uranium ore or pitchblende to make a few pounds of the uranium oxide called yellowcake. 99.9% of the ore is discarded to produce .1% product. Uranium mining is one of the most energy costly forms of mining in the world. 

It also requires vast quantities of water, coal and or oil and chemical acids. One mine alone in Germany last year injected 100,000 tons of sulfuric acid into the ground contaminating large areas of groundwater. Globally millions of tons of sulfuric acid are injected into the ground annually. 

Uranium oxide is extracted by pumping acids into the earth to separate the oxide from the ore. This method injects about 40 kilograms of sulfuric acid into the ground and into groundwater for every kilo of uranium oxide extracted.

Aside from the incredible expense of extracting the uranium, there is the expense of transporting it, enriching it, storing it and there is the issue of transporting and storing the waste. There is also energy and expense in manufacturing the sulfuric and nitric acids used, and for constructing and maintaining and then sealing vast tailing ponds. All of this requires vast amounts of energy and most of that energy comes from fossil fuels.

Yet Moore the ?scientist? declares that the production of nuclear power requires no air pollutants or greenhouse gases. He does not say it requires some fossil fuels - he boldly states it requires NO fossil fuels. In other words he simply ignores the evidence that contradicts his position that nuclear power is 100% free of greenhouse gas emissions.

Moore was speaking in Iowa recently at the FPL Energy Duane Arnold Energy Center in Palo, along with FPL Duane Arnold Energy Center Site Vice President Gary Van Middlesworth.

The FPL Energy Duane Arnold Energy Center is Iowa's only nuclear power facility - and generated 4,539,312 megawatt hours of electrical power in 2005, which accounted for 10.3% of the state's electricity.

Moore joined Middlesworth in calling for the construction of more nuclear power plants in Iowa. They promised jobs, a boom to the economy and increased wages. Moore was trotted out to say that as a the founder of Greenpeace that nuclear energy is an environmentally clean option for electricity production - it produces no harmful greenhouse gases, the gases which according to Moore are "suspected"  of causing global warming. 

Moore has taken to describing himself as THE founder of Greenpeace lately. He and I were co-founders along with over a dozen other people including Bob Hunter, Irving Stowe, Jim Bohlen, Ben Metcalfe, Rod Marining and others. Not one of his fellow co-founders shares Moore's perverse defense of nuclear power

"Scientific evidence shows that nuclear power is an environmentally sound and safe energy choice," said Dr. Moore. "To create a safe environment and secure energy for our future, the United States must regain its leadership in this area. If the United States were to double nuclear energy production, it would be possible to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions while increasing our energy supply."

The reality is that the greenhouse gas emissions associated with nuclear energy production are simply hidden because they are not emitted during the actual production of energy but during the process of mining the fuel for the production of the energy.

More nuclear power plants will mean more fossil fuel use, more groundwater contamination, more tailings ponds, more nuclear waste, more wasted water and resources and more problems.

And will it free the U.S. from dependence on foreign fuel? The answer is no. The annual U.S. production of uranium oxide is 2.4 million pounds. World production is around 80 million pounds. The 103 U.S. nuclear plants presently in operation use 53 million pounds annually.

Moore is simply a liar for hire. The same man that so boldly defends nuclear power today is the same man who wrote these words when he was Vice-President of Greenpeace Canada in 1976:

?Nuclear power plants are, next to nuclear warheads themselves, the most dangerous devices that man has ever created. Their construction and proliferation is the most irresponsible, in fact the most criminal, act ever to have taken place on this planet.?   

Today Moore is not a scientist, he is a public relations flak for the nuclear industry.

In the same 1976 article, Patrick Moore warns us not to trust the man that he has now become:

?It should be remembered that there are employed in the nuclear industry some very high-powered public relations organizations. One can no more trust them to tell the truth about nuclear power than about which brand of toothpaste will result in the sexiest smile.?

When Greenpeace was paying him, he was anti-nuclear and now that the nuclear industry is paying him he is pro-nuclear.

The man is a corporate whore.


The Forest Action Network constructed a website called Patrick Moore is a Big Fat Liar 

Check it out: http://www.fanweb.org/patrick-moore/

This article may be freely distributed and published

Captain Paul Watson is a co-founder of the Greenpeace Foundation, (1972) the Founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (1977) and a former Director of the Sierra Club USA (2003-2006)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 October 2006 11:36

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