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Sunday, 20 August 2006 13:05
Gorilla Radio for Monday August 21, 2006

PEJ News - C. L. Cook - This week Bill Willers, founder of Wisconsin?s Superior Wilderness Action Network on endangered public space. Journalist, Trish Schuh on Lebanon/Israeli changing lines and changing stories. And, Janine Bandcroft bringing us up to speed with all that's good to do in and around Victoria this week.

Chris Cook
hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Monday, 5-6pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, 104.3 cable, and on the internet at: http://cfuv.uvic.ca  He also serves as a contributing editor at the progressive web news site: https://www.pej.org. You can check out the GR blog at: http://GorillaRadioBlog.blogspot.com


Gorilla Radio for Monday August 21, 2006

C. L. Cook

PEJ News
August 20, 2006

The great trials of this young century, already begun in earnest in places the names of which are now familiar headlines, are and will continue to be about space. Not the space of star wars, but that area people require to live, both as individuals and as nations. But this space is under a relentless attack, as the forces of private capital, and their allies in government, are carving up and fencing off public space in the interest of commerce, leaving the people ever diminishing places and spaces.

Bill Willers is the founder of Wisconsin?s Superior Wilderness Action Network. He?s an emeritus professor at the University of Wisconsin, and editor of the anthologies, ?Learning to Listen to the Land,? and ?Unmanaged Landscapes.? Bill Willers and making room for people.

And; whether on the Lebanese side of the ?Blue Line,? or the Israeli, the capture of two Israeli soldiers cannot justify the death and destruction wreaked upon the people of Lebanon, and the infrastructure necessary to maintain a modern society. There is no single account of the Israeli soldiers? capture; some say they were taken inside Lebanon, others say Hezbollah fighters penetrated Israel intent to take hostages back with them.

It?s an important distinction, if one buys into Israel?s claim their bombing of the Lebanon and killing of more than 1000 civilians there was an act of ?self-defence.? It?s also important too to the court case, filed last week in Israel, claiming reparations of Lebanon for the damage and loss of life incurred by Hezbollah?s rockets.

Trish Schuh is journalist covering the middle east. She?s a member of Military Reporters and Editors, and co-founder of Military Families Support Network. Trish Schuh and the difference a few miles can make in the second half.

And; Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour to bring us up to speed with all that?s good to do in and around Victoria this week.

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