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Peace News
Monday, 17 July 2006 11:03

governments at war not people

PEJ News - Shebib - the people are the victims while the so-called leaders fight.


governments at war not people


PEJ News
July 17, 2006

the people do not have a voice in governments.
In my opinion the true voice of the people is strangled by the weight of organized, collective dictators.

We are drawn as nations into battles.

In truth the masses of people are peaceful. Its just a few who insists on fighting to keep the rest of us divided.

The media capitalizes on this division and promotes war between created opposites. Its pathetic . For too long the bad guys have been getting all the news while the still small voice has been buried in the proverbial closet.

The media creates conflict.
Can we make peace more attractive and desirable?

Last Updated on Monday, 17 July 2006 11:03

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