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Pimps in Power: Congress Moves for More War PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 18 June 2006 03:02
Pimps in Power: Congress Moves for More War

- Jack Random - Congress designated ten hours to ?debate? the war in Iraq but the war was not at issue. The real question before our esteemed legislators was whether the American electorate is stupid or merely ignorant.



Jack Random

June 18, 2006


?It is time for this House of Representatives to tell the world that we know?our cause is right and that we are proud of it.?  - Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert (R-Ill)

We have ?elected? the worst prepared and worst performing president in the history of the republic not once but twice. An apparent majority continued to support this presidency for a second term despite a faltering economy, a disastrous war, pervasive corruption, criminal behavior and the deceptions of war fully exposed.

While the evidence of our stupidity is often compelling, a case can also be made that we are not beyond learning from our mistakes. If the fault is in our upbringing, our culture and education, then hope remains that we can overcome our deficiencies and correct the course.

As Sailor said to Lula in Wild at Heart: ?I didn?t have no parental guidance.?

Maybe our collective parental guidance was wanting. Maybe our schooling, our values education, valued blind patriotism a little too much and common morality a little too little. Maybe our understanding of history ? a chain of heroic tales connecting war to war in a seamless road to glory ? did not prepare us for the distinct possibility of errors in judgment or leaders with ulterior motives.

Rarely have we witnessed the bold audacity we see today from both the executive and legislative branches of government. The president uses a midnight visit to Baghdad and the death of a terrorist to press his case for holding course.

Over 2,500 dead soldiers, 15,000 wounded and as many as 250,000 dead Iraqis in a cause of deception, greed and bald aggression, yet the president believes that all we need is a little pep talk. The president, for all his bravado, was never a player on the field but he knows how to use a blow horn.

If we believe this man now, after a history of repeated fraud and corruption, then the case is indeed compelling that we are beyond redemption. The inability to learn from experience is the commonly accepted definition of mental deficiency.

Is it possible? Have they seeded our air or spiked our water with something that dulls the senses and drives us to consume mindless dribble? Have they contaminated our food supply with brain draining drugs? Have we been genetically manipulated for mass stupidity?

After all we have learned, if we still believe the war in Iraq is a battle to defend our way of life ? for example, in Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Haditha and Fallujah ? then it would seem we are either lunatics or simpletons.

An alternative explanation is that we have so lost hope in the possibility of change that we have signed over our mental processes to the government propaganda machine: Just tell us what to think and give us a few bumper sticker slogans.

In plain truth, no one on the planet still believes that George W. Bush is a capable leader. No one believes that the occupation is righteous or sustainable. We press on as if we believed in because not to believe would be to acknowledge that we have lost our moral grounding. The moment we yield to reality, reality will knock us flat and shake us to our senses: There is a price to pay for all this destruction.

Just what kind of game are our elected leaders playing? With our soldiers? lives on the line, they are orchestrating publicity stunts on the floor of the House while lining their palms in the smoke filled rooms of K Street.

Conflation, huff and puff, smoke and mirrors, bait and switch: Let us pretend we have a clean slate, a terrorist connection (not of our own making), an imminent threat to the security of our nation and its allies. Let us pretend there were weapons of mass destruction and the fallen Saddam masterminded the attack on America.

We would have to pretend all these things for the propaganda machine to work its black magic again. We killed one terrorist in Iraq and suddenly the portrait of war is redrawn. Clearly, the neocons were right all along: We have cornered the market on Islamic fundamentalist terror in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates. We opened the door and they filed in. Now, they are lining up to be slaughtered. Let us face hard truths: There are no civilians in war. There is no resistance. They are all terrorists.

?We know that our cause is right and?we are proud of it.?

Fallujah, Ramadi, Abu Ghraib, Haditha, Guantanamo Bay.

?We know?and we are proud.?

The president claims the Iraqis must be assured that we will not ?cut and run? but an inconvenient truth emerged from his clandestine visit to Iraq. The elected leaders went on record requesting a deadline for American withdrawal.

In this modest request, they reflected the overwhelming disposition of the Iraqi people. It is not the president but the antiwar movement that stands for democracy in Iraq. We stand for the will of the people in demanding an end to the occupation, repeal of the illegal oil contracts, and the dismantling of permanent military bases ? including Fortress America otherwise known as the American Embassy.

If we are fighting for the Iraqi people, as the president insists, then the debate should be over and our soldiers should already be on their way home. Instead, the president?s party stages a ?debate? in Congress with the preordained conclusion that we must support our president?s war at any cost.

Come November, as the ultimate source of democratic governance, the people of this nation must deliver an uncompromised message: We are neither stupid nor ignorant. We will not be fooled by party labels. If you stand with the president on the war, we will vote you down and hand you a ticket home.

Hear us clearly: Bring our soldiers home. End the war, end the occupation, turn the page and embark on the long road to redemption.



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