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A New Falluja?: Ramadi Under Fire PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 11 June 2006 07:47
A New Falluja?: Ramadi Under Fire

Informed Comment - Juan Cole - Al-Zaman reports that heavy street fighting broke out on Friday in downtown Ramadi between US forces and guerrillas. According to the al-Zaman correspondent in the city, the fighting was heaviest at 20th and at 17 Tammuz streets and the al-Kas district. Medium strength weaponry (i.e. more than just light arms) were used.

[The LA TImes is too reporting of citizens being told to evacuate the city, as they were before the bombings of Falluja last year. All services for the city have been cut, and thousands of the roughly 400,000 population are fleeing. - lex]


Heavy Fighting in Ramadi

Juan Cole

Informed Comment
June 10, 2006 

The US deployed gunship helicopters. US Marines occupied several tall buildings. (In urban warfare, tall buildings become like Hamburger Hill, the high ground on which you can put mortar emplacements and dominate the district).

There has been no confirmation from US military sources of the fighting, but it is suspected that this was a reaction by Zarqawi's supporters in the city. Zarqawi had for some time been based in Ramadi, but was forced by US pressure to leave it in summer of 2005 for the area near the border with Iran, according to al-Zaman's sources.

Al-Zaman adds, "According to our correspondent, the prayer for the dead was read in most of the mosques after the Friday congregational prayers, in Hit, Qaim, and Ramadi, on the occasion of Zarqawi's death. Marine patrols with Lebanese translators were seen near the major mosques in more than one place in Anbar province, to monitor the preachers.

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