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Saturday, 20 May 2006 07:54

Healthy Mind, Body, Planet Tour in Victoria


Critical Dialogue with Dr. Michele Brill-Edwards

20:40 minutes, 19 Mb
Host: healthymindbodyplanet.org

Show Notes:
Dr. Michele Brill-Edwards, former senior physician with Health Canada shares her first hand experiences with how Big Pharma influences and interferes with government regulators in their work to protect Canadians health.

We caught up with Dr. Brill-Edwards during our stop in Ottawa, on the cross Canada, Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour.
Before driving to the train, she sat down with us in a small urban park. Under the warmth of an early spring day we learned how deeply systemic the problems are with drug regulation and approvals in Canada. But despite the power of Big Pharma, and the intentional inadequacies within the bureaucracy charged with protecting our health we find an ally in the struggle to inform and activate for positive change.

Interview by Angela Bischoff on April 13, 2006
Sound and editing by Kelly Reinhardt
Technical support by International Funk in Edmonton on May 20, 2006

Read Angela's blog and the Depression Expression tabloid at Greenspiration.

Watch some of the tour videos on rabblevision.

'Halifax Abridged'
In Halifax, the Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour spends time on the bridge where Tooker breathed his last, and visit with the Justice Ministers staff and the Chief Medical Examiner calling for an inquiry into his death.
'ALL ABOARD! the HMBP Tour departs here'
On April 1, 2006 the Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour begins at Union (yoga) Station in Toronto, Canada. By train and car we aim for Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Trailer - Healthy Mind Body Planet
Introducing boilingfrog?s presentation on the Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour, April 3 - June 20, 2006.
What have drug companies accomplished? Why are alternatives inaccessible?

and stay tuned at boilingfrog's podcast portal for more audio podcasts from across Canada.

Join us in Victoria on Tuesday, May 30 at 7pm at Dreamspace
751 Discovery St.

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