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Peace News
Tuesday, 02 May 2006 00:08

by Joan Russow (PhD)
Global Compliance Research Project

"What happened to Canada". In an editorial in La Prensa of Nicaragua, this question was asked after the results of the last election in Canada. While the left is gaining ground in Central and South America, and possibly Mexico, and Bush continues to sink in the polls, Harper and his ministers are rushing to integrate further with Bush's America. The most recent example is the behind closed doors decision to extend indefinitely Norad.

Throughout the Canadian media, the myth is being perpetuated that Canada's international reputation and security depends on "carrying its weight in the world" which has generally been interpreted as strengthening Canada's ability and its willingness to participate militarily with the US and with the US-led interventions.

Rather Canada's international reputation and security would be enhanced if Canada could demonstrate an independent foreign policy and a willingness to stand up to the US.

For an independent common security national policy; Canada has to reflect on the ways in which Canada has condoned and even participated in the US contribution to global insecurity.

The US has contributed to global insecurity by having done the following:

(i) propped and financed military dictators that furthered its vested national interests and targeted and assisted in the assassination of leaders of other sovereign states, who interfered with it national interests.

(ii) established over 700 military bases in sovereign states round the world

(iii) produced weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear, chemical, and biological, in defiance of the global commitment made at Stockholm in 1972 to eliminate the production of weapons of mass destruction., and refused to abide by the Non Proliferation treaty obligations

(iv) circulated nuclear powered or nuclear arms capable vessels throughout the world, and berthed these vessels in urban ports

(v) planted land mines throughout the world, and failed to sign and ratify the Convention for the banning of Landmines

(vi) moved towards the militarization of space, and increasing the arms race through the US Anti-ballistic Missile system

(vii) used weapons such as Depleted Uranium and cluster bombs that would be prohibited under the Geneva Protocol II

(viii) perceived justice in terms of revenge through military intervention rather than respecting the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, and misused Art 51 in the Charter of the United Nations to justify military aggression

(ix) misconstrued prevention of war by adopting a policy of pre-emptive/preventive attack to aggressively attack sovereign states that are designated as being on the axis of evil.

(x) undermined the international resolve to prevent the scourge of war by intimidating or offering economic incentives in exchange for support for military intervention; (the US continually cajoles, intimidates, and bribes, other members states of the United Nations.)

(xi) demonstrated disdain for the international rule of law, and refused to accept the jurisdiction or decision of the International Court of Justice

(xii) promulgated globalization, deregulation and privatization through promoting trade agreements, such as the WTO/FTAA/NAFTA etc that undermine the rule of international public trust law, and condoned corporations benefiting and profiting from war

(xiii) advocated and supported IMF structural adjustment program, and exploited vulnerable and indigenous peoples around the world

(xiv) opposed an international commitment to transfer .7% of the GDP for overseas aid, failed to support the canceling of third world debt

(xv) promoted the privatization of public services such as water, and health care, and reduced funding for universities, and promoted corporate funding of education and corporate direction of research

(xvi) failed to reduce their military budget and reallocate military expenses and transfer the savings into global social justice as undertaken through numerous UN Conference Action Plans and UN General Assembly Resolutions.

(xvii) engaged in covert and overt "Operations" against independent states; from "Operation Zapata", and "Operation Northwoods" against Cuba, through "Operation Candor" in Chile, through years of euphemistic operations such as "Operation Just Cause" against Panama and more recently "Operation enduring freedom" against Afghanistan, and "Operation Iraqi Freedom against Iraq

(xviii) promoted the spread of Evangelical Christianity around the world, undermining local indigenous cultures, and instilling fear through the dangerous, and absurd belief in the "rapture", "Armageddon" and "left behind" and denigrating other established beliefs and practices

Through lobbying the US to abandon its policies and actions that contribute to global insecurity, through effectively contributing to the implementing of an international/ national policy that supports multilateralism, and the rule of international law, through promoting the delegitmization of war and reallocating military expense to further common security, Canada will ensure greater national security.

Canada's international reputation, and national security depends on the degree to which it supports: true security: "common security"

- to promote and fully guarantee respect for human rights including labour rights, civil and political rights, social and cultural rights- right to food, right to housing, right to health care, right to education and social justice;

-  to enable socially equitable and environmentally sound employment;

- to achieve a state of peace, justice and security;

-  to create a global structure that respects the rule of law ; and

- to ensure the preservation and protection of the environment, respect the inherent worth of nature beyond human purpose reduce the ecological footprint and move away from the current model of overconsumptive development.

- the closer we are to the US in policy the less secure Canada will be.

Joan Russow (PhD)
Global Compliance Research Project

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 May 2006 00:08

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