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The Phoney Ben Laden PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 29 April 2006 17:59
The Phoney Ben Laden

PEJ News - Ben Laden tapes are aimed at the US audience for one reason and one reason only, and that is to galvanize public support behind the failed misadventures of war on terror.

Amongst the overwhelming majority of Moslems, Ben Laden and Zawahry are not popular nor looked upon as prophets nor religious leaders nor any such attributes, ON THE CONTRARY, they are despised. Maybe a few, and I haven't seen them on any TV station yet nor talked to any of them, but the same as the polls tell us that 33% believe that Bush is wonderful and a God sent gift to humanity or Christianity, I am sure there are gullibles out there that believe that Ben Laden is lovely, except that their ratio amongst Moslems seem to be a lot less than our gullible 33% Chritian Right or rather, Wrong.

The fact of the matter which is obvious to all Moslems, is that Ben Laden is not following the teachings of their religion and they wish him dead, but realizing the connection between the Ben Laden family and the Bush family, which led to out of the blue, got Young Osama picked up by the CIA to lead the war against Russia in Afghanistan. Little Osama who never had any military training of any sort up until 1979 when he just got his degree in civil engineering, and got the American foreign policy planners to bet the future of Afghanistan, on Osama's ability to lead to lead the Mujahedeen against the Russian occupation. Does that make any sense?

Furthermore, the Government of Sudan offered to turn Osama over to both the Saudi government and to the US government since his stay in Sudan caused them a lot of trouble and were bombed by cruise missiles. You want to hear something funny, both governments declined the offer!!! Do you believe that both the US and Saudi governments refused to be handed their ostensible sworn enemy! Go Figure..

There are a lot of informations from EGYPT that Al Zawhry, Osama's so called right hand man, who was arrested and spent several years in jail for the assassination of EGYPT President Anwar Sadat. However, as soon as he was released from jail, he used to travel to the US as often as he wanted to, granted that his pictures were in all newspapers in EGYPT, which are definitely perused by the US Embassy in Cairo, specially when he made speeches in court in ENGLISH. The fact tha he is a felon, automatically denies him an entry visa to this country. How can one explain that???

Furthermore, past experience shows that most terrorist organizations don't only hit once in a while. The IRA used to hit several times a week in ENGLAND, trying to make life difficult for several British governments since 1969. Attacks were also mounted on the lives of several high profile personalities including failed attempts on Margaret Thatcher, Prince Charles and other successful attempts like the assassination of Lord Montbatten. Bader Meinhoff, the Japanese Red Army, the Italian Red Brigade, The Basque Liberation movement and other South American terrorist groups motivated by drugs or fights against oppressive regimes, they all hit frequently targeting strategic or high profile personnalities. All the attacks attributed to the so called Al Qaeda, targeted ordinary people commuting to work or some poor individuals sitting in a Cafe sipping tea or something. Those acts of terrorism in London, Madrid and Egypt aimed at ratcheting up the scare amongst the people to make them believe that they are really threatened and they need to fight back. Assuming this Al-Qaeda thing is for real, which I don't believe there is anything real about it except all the deliberate media hype to keep us scared, but what did they do? All the terrorist attacks in Madrid, London and in Sinai/EGYPT could not be traced to any credible terrorist network and they all point to one organization notorious for carrying out such operations with great precision, while framing others. The terrorists in Madrid are not very well known and last I heard was that they committed suicide in jail, how convenient that is. The London transportation security system is managed by a division of COMSERV, an Israeli company which has access to all underground network and locations, and needless to say that many of its employees are ex-Mossad or Shim Bett agents, the internal security force in Israel.

AL-QAEDA = MOSSAD. And that's the way it is as Walter Cronkite used to say.

Ben Laden epitomizes the ugly Arab, like Eihab the Arab and that's his real role to be the ugly Arab that we all hate. His family's connections with the Bush family and their intricate business associations is what qualified him to play the role he's playing, to mislead us and set us up to support the so called war on terror. Even if Ben Laden is killed, they'll make another one, to justify our policy of perpetual war, which is really great, it made oil companies a lot of profits and the military industrial complex business is booming as well. What a coincidence that these are the two businesses near and dear to those associated with this Administration. We could have bombed Iraq with schools and hospitals and potable war and mobile electric power generators to make their life easier and show the real American way of life, but instead, we chose to kill 250,000 of them, men, women and children to liberate them. GO FIGURE....
Last Updated on Saturday, 29 April 2006 17:59

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