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Peace News
Monday, 10 April 2006 10:05

F.H. Knelman, Ph.D. - When one considers the debt the Bush administration has imposed on his country, it should be remembered that he has also created a huge political debt throughout the world. The prime example is the growing resistance to the U.S. occupation of Iraq, with all the signs of a civil war approaching.



F.H. Knelman, Ph.D.

Then the change of government in Spain, resulting in that country abandoning
the so-called ?coalition? forces in Iraq. Italy is now in the headlines
again with the possibility that a new government critical of the U.S. will
be the victor. We can expect revolt and revolution in many countries of the
world activated by opposition to American imperialism. Then there is the
environmental debt the U.S. has imposed on the world. By ignoring the threat
of global warming, they are making a major contribution to that threat.

George Bush is now down to some 35% in the polls in his own country, but he

is much lower in many countries of the world. The combination of being a

bully, stubborn and stupid, means his current policy will be unrelenting,

creating an equally unrelenting opposition in the rest of the world, and

particularly in Iraq.

As for those who thought that socialism and communism, together with their

father figures, Marx, Lenin and Mao, were buried in the deep bowels of

history, did not reckon on George W. Bush. We are now witnessing the renewal

of socialism in South America and new activities by Maoist groups in Africa.

But the debts of this obdurate American leader are not finished. There is

considerable hope that the Democrats will win both the House and the Senate

in the November, 2006 mid-term elections. This is almost certain to lead to

the impeachment of Bush and the unmasking of the multiple deceits of his

regime. Even now Republican members of Congress are so concerned about this

that they are becoming divided on issues.

But Bush?s folly is not over. He will not leave office without some further

catastrophic acts. He has already announced that a settlement in Iraq would

be the responsibility of the next president. We are relatively certain he

will use a bunker-busting nuclear weapon on Iran?s enrichment plant, an

issue which is obfuscated by the media. Sound estimates are that the level

of enrichment to achieve an 80% content of the fissile element, Uranium-235,

would take some ten years. There are rumours that even the high command of

the Pentagon is divided on this tactic. Yet we must keep in mind our

description of Bush, which we presented at the beginning of this article,

i.e. a bully, obdurate and stupid. And finally we must not forget that even

Big Business is threatened by Bush?s extreme policies. They fund politics in

America for the rewards of owning the markets. But they are hard-headed and

now unsure of Bush?s future, much like some Republicans. All the rats tend

to leave a sinking ship.

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